E-commerce gives a Boost to the Local or Global Business of Trigger Sprayer Industry -

E-commerce gives a Boost to the Local or Global Business of Trigger Sprayer Industry

Every product has a story to tell, especially if the product is as small as trigger sprayer. Decades ago, lifestyle shifts were emerging and leaving us with less time to clean, and placing cleaning lower on the priority ladder. The trigger sprayer promised consumers convenient cleaning styles where larger surfaces were covered and led to lesser water wastage. Today the trigger sprayer system has been adopted for more alternatives and more cleaning occasions. They are a perfect tool for several domestic, chemical and industrial purposes. 

It all dates back to World War II when spraying liquid to cover larger areas was considered a hassle. Shortly after World War II (1945), plastic manufacturers started working on different types of spray pumps using plastic materials. This allowed for diverse commercial and domestic liquids to be used cheaply. The mighty trigger spray pump was also developed using plastics and now comes in an array of beautiful designs, styles, colours and safety features.

Importance of Trigger Sprayer

It’s an iconic package structure because it serves such a wide range of users and uses. Available in various sizes, colors and shapes, these sprayers are used for hair care, sun care and personal care products. With advancement in instrumentation processes, these sprayers have been transformed into preventing accidental actuation. In order to prevent accidental actuation, these sprayers have an integrated lock. These sprayers also have the free rotating closure which enables orientation on the bottle. 

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There’s a lot that goes into its designing considering its huge usability. Manufacturers have to accommodate infinite hand sizes, grip preferences and usage dynamics. The design strategy for the trigger sprayer has kept up with its ubiquitous use across multiple surfaces in multiple settings. The advent of the “all-purpose” cleaner has exacerbated this issue by expecting one bottle to perform well in all situations. While there may be some true “friction points” to be fixed, the real opportunity may be in delighting the consumer with a usage experience that delivers beyond their expectations.


  • Durable
  • Low Cost 
  • Crack Resistance
  • Highly Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Used for Spraying Liquids
  • Multiple Variations of Spraying
  • Child Safe
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Leak-proof

Trigger Spray Types

Trigger Sprayers are available with different outputs, these include 0.75ml, 1.3ml and the higher output of 1.6ml. The most popular would have to be 1.3ml as this offers a good level of consistency for most liquid types.

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Trigger pumps offer a good range of dosage. This can be important depending on the application and purpose. A dosage can range from 0.22ml to 1.5ml. The application can also affect the spread (surface area) and the mist created from the trigger pump. If a product needs a larger spread a higher dosage is recommended. The types of trigger sprayers include:

  • Spray
  • Jet
  • Mist
  • Stream
  • Continuous
  • Foam

Marketing Sectors

  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Kitchen Cleaners
  • Toilet Cleaners
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Salons
  • Gardening

Trigger Sprayer Applications

Trigger spray pumps are used for a wide variety of liquid applications. The most popular would have to be cleaning products. These would include sanitising agents, soaps and cleaning foams. The trigger spray pumps can also be used for hair products such as gels and sprays, strong cleaning agents such as stain removers or alloy wheel cleaners. The medical industry also uses these for pain relief products. In fact, you will probably find a trigger spray being used for some type of solution in most industry sectors.

  1. Sanitizers
  2. Oven cleaners
  3. Upholstery cleaners
  4. Alloy wheel cleaning solutions
  5. Car wax applications
  6. Barbeque cleaners
  7. Frying oil
  8. Bathroom sink and bath cleaners
  9. Toilet cleaners
  10. Massage oils
  11. Pain relief gels
  12. Hair gels
  13. Hair sprays
  14. Floor cleaners
  15. Window cleaners
  16. Garden products – Rose protection Sprays
  17. Shower cleaners
  18. Stain removers
  19. Surface cleaners – granite or marble
  20. Wood surface enhancers
  21. Air fresheners
  22. Multipurpose products
  23. Mould removers
  24. Degreasers
  25. Lime scale removers and shine
  26. Grout cleaners
  27. Clothes fresheners
  28. All in one products
  29. Paint repair solutions
  30. Natural & Organic scents or cleaners
  31. Hand soaps
  32. Face cleansers
  33. Sun tan lotions
  34. Moisturizers
  35. Metal restorers

E-commerce Role to Play in boosting the Sale of Trigger Sprayers

Shipping liquids was especially tricky in the small-parcel delivery environment where packages could find themselves oriented in any direction. E-commerce Giants rose to the challenge, and worked with suppliers to engineer a trigger sprayer and bottle finish for brands that passes its stringent performance criteria. The new trigger sprayer mechanism prevents leaks of liquids shipped in the small parcel environment—even for liquids with minimal product viscosity. Its major advantages are:

  • Eliminates leaks, rather than simply reduce or contain them.
  • Provides an equivalent or better than brick-and-mortar experience for the customer—that is, for convenience, have no inner seals to remove and a product that is ready to use.
  • Allow consumers to remove the closure—to refill the bottle, for example—which required a redesign of the closure’s ratchets.

The trigger sprayer offers an omni-channel solution for brands looking to expand into ecommerce while preventing proliferation of stock-keeping units (SKUs). It also helps cut down on merchandise damage during ecommerce shipping, which costs millions of dollars annually. 

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