WeGo Shopping help Manufacturers to flourish on Amazon or Flipkart. -

WeGo Shopping help Manufacturers to flourish on Amazon or Flipkart.

E-commerce giants like Amazon or Flipkart are playing a pivotal role in humongous sales growth for retailers, wholesalers or even manufacturers. Gone are the days when big marketing teams were hired or shopping in a mall was the best option. Even celebrities prefer shopping online now. E-commerce has filled many technological gaps from brand awareness to online sale. Over the years, e-commerce has changed many perspectives from buying only books or clothes to buying bathtubs or fertilizers online. 

wegoshopping.in best platform for manufactures to grow business online

One of the areas eCommerce has developed into is the manufacturing sector. It offers more convenience, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost-saving to manufacturers. Besides this, it is creating evolving supply chains and sales mechanisms that are fading the line between B2B and B2C businesses.

E-commerce is an intelligent technology that can be used to create a lasting competitive advantage for manufacturers. Manufacturers who aren’t investing in ecommerce may not be positioning themselves as B2B companies leading within their industries now and in the future. They’re also giving up critical foundations that might be relevant, as more companies sell directly to consumers. 

5 Charts that prove why e-commerce should be considered by manufacturers for growth opportunities

  • Basic objective of shopping online is advantageous to a majority
  • Expenses are a form of investment where profits are earned and lossed are nullified 
  • Multi-vendors sites at marketplaces are the firms that allow a huge, distributed population of buyers and vendors to find prices, products and transact with each other on a third-party platform that is trusted, safe, reliable, and transparent. 
  • Gross merchandise value (GMV) is expected to increase in the upcoming years
  • With the right strategy applied using e-commerce, bright opportunities to go global lie ahead

Role of WeGo Shopping in bridging the gap between manufacturers and e-commerce 

  1. Create a good profile on e-commerce marketplace

WeGo creates an impressive profile that provides helpful information to support the buying journey of customers. WeGo also helps in crafting product descriptions with high-quality photos, blog posts, or articles to educate buyers, and easy contact methods for anyone who wants to reach out another way.

It helps manufacturers in serving new retailer or vendor base.

  1. Equip sales staff

Going digital doesn’t mean you’re taking people wholly out of your process. But it does mean sales staff may work with clients in new ways, including via email and online chat boxes. WeGo equips manufacturer’s sales staff with the right training to ensure they can close the deal via new sales channels like chat, or use ecommerce solutions alongside traditional ones.

  1. Direct access to customers

Ecommerce gives you direct access to customers and full control over the customer relationship. That increases your customer base, gives you more control over enforcing MSRP, and lets you get faster direct feedback to improve your product offerings. WeGo helps manufacturers in choosing a wide variety of paths in this modern market like supply chain partners and retailers via ecommerce platforms or by developing dual product lines for selling both direct-to-consumer and via retailers and vendors.

  1. Opportunities to innovate

WeGo helps manufacturers in embracing ecommerce to create more innovative customer service, marketing, and sales solutions. By taking some of the traditional elements out of the manufacturing and supply chain, WeGo can change the way customers deal with manufacturers in positive ways like purchase on-demand.

  1. Scalability

Ecommerce relies heavily on digital automation; WeGo has a team of experienced professionals that help manufacturers scaling sales, order, and fulfillment processes. Work that might previously have been handled by an inside sales rep can be done via self-serve digital portals, for example.

  1. Improved efficiencies

Traditionally, manufacturers would print catalogs for business partners, which took time and money. Yet, almost as soon as the materials are mailed out, they’re likely to be outdated. Manufacturers have issued catalogs at least once a year, repeating the inefficient process. In an ecommerce situation, individual product listings can be updated in real-time, and customers can access them any time and often via mobile devices. This is just one of the many ways WeGo helps in creating catalog, managing the stock and adding new products to the lists. 

6. Use of analytics.

Data is a critical resource for any business. WeGo help manufacturers to make the best marketing, development, and customer service decisions through the analytical data collected from e-commerce sites. Ecommerce solutions gather data for every interaction, including site visits, quote requests, and sales. WeGo has e-commerce tools for analyzing the data and helps you in exportng the information into other programs for the same purpose.

  1. Ensure visibility 

Making products visible on e-commerce is also a challenge. WeGo helps in the visibility of the products/services via appropriate tags and links. WeGo helps in customizing the ecommerce store to support buyers who want to configure products online. 

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