Sustainable Startup Companies in India Working Towards a Greener Planet

At a time when most countries have recognized the need to reduce their carbon footprint and have expressed their willingness to take the necessary steps, it appears that only a few countries around the world have been doing their part to address the massive carbon footprint left by humans over the past century. Growing temperatures, unsanitary water, and rising levels of air pollution are just a few of the consequences of our environment’s frighteningly rising carbon footprint.

Businesses have latched on to the green trend, continually learning to include sustainable branding throughout the world, with such a pervasive focus on sustainability, awareness, and environmental preservation. A sustainable brand considers not only earnings but also environmental, economic, and social challenges. Here are several Indian Startups that are not only striving to be greener and more sustainable firms but are also attempting to educate people about the need of becoming more sustainable as a country:


Beco, a consumer products firm located in Mumbai, was formed in 2018. The company creates biodegradable and ecological alternatives to single-use items including dinner napkins, toilet paper, face tissues, tissue rolls, and more. Beco (Be Eco), founded by Aditya Ruia, Anuj Ruia, and Akshay Varma, provides goods for the kitchen, home, and personal care. To create numerous SKUs of tissue, straws, toothpicks, cotton balls, and other items, the firm uses biodegradable and compostable raw materials such as corn starch and bamboo. The firm also takes close care of its packaging, using recycled and handmade paper to eliminate the need for plastics.

Health Horizons

Health Horizons, a Noida-based firm founded in 2017, is a GMP-certified and USFDA-approved hemp seed processor. It has been aggressively concentrating on breaking down the stigma associated with hemp/cannabis and teaching people about the wide range of nutritional and medical advantages that may be obtained through its usage.

They have launched various items to the Indian market, such as Sativa Nubs and Hemp Powder, which are taken from one of the five sacred plants described in the Vedas. The brand is committed to making the items available in a variety of variations as super foods. Not only that, but Health Horizons is stressing the good environmental impact hemp production has on global warming concerns. The items are also natural, simple to use, and a delectable complement to any meal.

Nexus Power

During the winter, we are all aware of the effects of stubble burning in and around the national capital. As the government recommends the elderly and children to stay at home, air pollution levels skyrocket. Nikita and Nishita Baliarsingh, co-founders of Nexus Power, have devised a long-term solution to the problem, which may result in an increase of electric automobiles, another green product, on Indian roadways.

Nexus Power uses nanotechnology to create biodegradable electric vehicle batteries out of agricultural waste. The firm utilizes unburned crops, which are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution, and then manufactures rechargeable energy storage cells using a proprietary extraction and filtering method. Multiple similar cells are used to create an Internet-of-Things (IoT) and AI-based sensor-enabled battery pack, which is then deployed in electric vehicles.


Phool, founded in July 2017 by engineering graduates Ankit Agarwal and Prateek Kumar, turns flower waste into charcoal-free premium incense items. The business has also produced “Fleather,” a feasible replacement to animal leather that was just named PETA’s greatest innovation in the Vegan World. is now based in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. At the shutdown, the firm guaranteed its supply chain by collecting flower debris directly from struggling horticulture farmers, providing them with essential revenue during the most difficult of circumstances.

Wild We 

Wild We is India’s eco-friendly comfortable clothing brand. They empower people to actively stand for causes they collectively believe in, through powerful designs on sustainable clothing. Wild We uses fashion as a medium to raise awareness and funds for causes like Research, climate change, animal rights, women empowerment, and more. Their collection is made from the finest all-natural fabrics; garments made with natural fibers that do end up in a landfill.

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