Ways to Choose Sustainable Fashion

When you first start researching sustainable fashion, you may not come across a definition of the term. Sustainable fashion is a movement that is ever-changing. One might claim that they are supporting sustainable fashion by purchasing from businesses that place emphasis on their environmental and social consequences, or they can argue that they are supporting sustainable fashion by shopping second hand/thrift.

Here is what we believe best defines ‘Sustainable Fashion’: It’s a movement intended at making the fashion industry more environmentally conscious by altering how garments are designed, manufactured, delivered, used, and destroyed. The goal is to move away from so-called fast fashion, which refers to the quick creation of garments, frequently at low cost, in response to continuously shifting trends, resulting in a disposable attitude toward them on the side of customers.

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  1. Seek for Sustainable Fabrics 

Checking the textiles is one of the greatest methods to verify that your purchase will be beneficial for both your money and the environment in the long run. Oil-based synthetic materials, in addition to producing microplastics, do not degrade. The most environmentally friendly alternative is to choose natural, biodegradable textiles. Organic cotton, Tencel, linen, recycled polyester, and recycled nylon are all good fabrics. Polyester, nylon, spandex, and acrylic should all be avoided.  

2. Look for GOTS Certification 

Look for GOTS certification on natural fibers (cotton, linen, hemp). GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and it is awarded to textile items that contain at least 70% organic components. Any additional chemicals, especially colors, must fulfill rigorous environmental and toxicological guidelines. Water usage is another important aspect that GOTS considers throughout the certification procedure. They demand openness in statistics on energy and water use per kilogram of cloth. Goals for reducing total resource use must also be established.

3. Read the Label ‘Fairtrade’ before Purchasing 

Fairtrade means that everyone in the supply chain, including farmers and employees, is paid a livable wage. Furthermore, it implies that producers offset all of the carbon emissions generated throughout their shipments.

4. Adapt Green Laundry Methods 

Green laundry methods include lowering the washing temperature, washing the entire load, avoiding tumble drying, and selecting eco-friendly fibers. Invest in a mesh laundry bag that fits into your washing machine and keeps shredded microplastics from entering our water systems.

5. Go the Vintage Way

Buying second-hand, upcycled, and vintage apparel provides consumers with a fresh feeling of originality that they cannot obtain on the high street, in addition to being an easy sustainable alternative. If you don’t have time to go through charity shops, there are a plethora of internet businesses selling pre-loved clothing, reduced high-end, vintage, and other items. Donate, reuse, or sell your gently worn but still wearable clothing. If buying ethically created apparel is out of your price range, consider buying used.

6. Buy from Sustainable Brands

There were times when choosing sustainable clothes meant opting for uncomfortable hemp knickers or overpriced linen pants. In the last decade, dozens of slow fashion firms have developed that are committed to ethical and environmental methods. As a consequence, today’s ethical manufacturers are creating cheap, size-inclusive, long-lasting items for the most devoted fashionistas. 

7. Avoid Buying From Fast Fashion Retailers 

Don’t buy clothing just because they’re trendy and inexpensive. Avoid quick fashion stores and do not fall prey to greenwashing as promoted by these retailers. Request that brands make their supply chain transparent. Because a brand’s major supplier may outsource work without the brand’s awareness, businesses must ensure that their supply chain is kept to a high level.

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Wild We: Dedicated to Manufacturing Sustainable Fashion Clothing

Wild We is India’s eco-friendly comfortable clothing brand. They empower people to actively stand for causes they collectively believe in, through powerful designs on sustainable clothing. Wild We use fashion as a medium to raise awareness and funds for causes like Research, climate change, animal rights, women empowerment, and more. Their collection is made from the finest all-natural fabrics; garments made with natural fibers do end up in a landfill.

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