E-commerce gives a Boost to the Local or Global Business of Tandoor Ovens

In a world of exotic cuisines, tandoori cuisine has paved its way to be at the top and tandoors have been the most efficient tool in helping it to reach the top. Tandoors are used for cooking in Southern, Central, and Western Asia. The heat for the tandoor was traditionally generated by a charcoal or wood fire, burning within the tandoor itself, thus exposing the food to live fire, radiant heat cooking, and hot-air, convection cooking, and smoking in the fat and food juices that drip on to the charcoal. That is how traditional tandoors were initially made up of charcoal, clay or bricks. With the advancement of technology and science, other types of tandoors were discovered. E-commerce has helped business like hotels, restaurants, etc. to purchase such cookery items online. With more exposure to these items online, more and more chefs are preferring such online platforms to explore their cooking skills.

Let’s focus more on the type of tandoors sold on e-commerce: 

Clay Tandoor

Clay tandoors were invented 2000 years back in India for clay’s most significant features of cooling, heating, baking or storing. Clay cookware has always been an essential part of Indian households. That is why, clay tandoors proved to be an essential part of almost every Indian cuisine. Reasons why clay tandoors are preferred is as follows:  

  • Clay adds the flavor to the food.
  • Clay heats up faster and retains heat for a longer time.
  • Clay can be seasoned to enhance the quality of the bread.
  • Clay Tandoor can produce more breads before it needs to be reheated.
  • Clay’s smoother surface helps cooking evenly cooked bread from the back.
  • Clay Tandoors are surely a lot lighter than any other material.
clay tandoor.jpg

Rope Tandoor

Rope is an important aspect to be used as an element that offers durability, reliability, and can be bought at a nominal cost. Rope Tandoor is one of the unique tandoors which are pleasant in its presence. The inner body of these tandoors is made up of mild steel (Iron) and surrounded with insulated rope, which saves energy and gives a good outlay to kitchen. This product is designed and developed using the latest methods and well-established quality parameters which guarantees its impeccability and consistency with rope as the main element.

These Rope tandoors are widely used for indoor and outdoor catering by hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality units. This holds the highest potency as it is made of toughest and strongest raw materials that ensure heat remains inside the pot and outside of the tandoor doesn’t get hot. Rope tandoor offer warmth in the food which results in well-cooked and quickly cooked dishes.

rope tandoor.jpeg

Charcoal Tandoor

Charcoal was traditionally a preferred item for cooking because it emits no smoke, is light weight, adds a calorific value to food and is fuel-free. Burning charcoal imparts a special flavour to all food. Therefore, charcoal tandoors were bought into existence. These tandoors are made up of charcoal and are round drum shaped. It is ideal for use in Hotel and Dhaba. It is low cost and maintenance.

charcoal tandoor.jpg

Gas Tandoor

Gas Tandoor is made heavy to keep oven warm for longer period. Heat Circulator Burner in it is specially designed for better heat circulation and to keep the tandoor warm. It can be used as an: 

  • Oven for baking of cakes, breads, naans, paratha, vegetables, paneer, pasteries, donuts, etc. 
  • Toaster for toasting of bread, burger buns, etc 
  • Griller for Pizzas, Pies, etc.
  • Barbeque for Roasting of Chicken, Vegetables, Fish , Mutton Paneer, Kababs and Tikka, etc.
gas tandoor.jpg

Electric Tandoor

Cooking grilled food like kebabs, sausages, hot rolls and more is an easy task thanks to the barbeque electric over. With this griller, you can now prepare your favorite smoky-flavored dishes from your own kitchen. One of its best features is that is pre-assembled, offers coal based cooking, has a unique warming rack, it is portable, easy to clean, strong and sturdy, easy to carry around, for school, picnic, excursion and other outdoor trips. It is an ideal gift to food lovers. 

electric tandoor.png

Stainless Steel Tandoor

These tandoors have a stainless Steel Box with an inner clay pot and a glass wool packing. These tandoors are faster, smarter and better. These tandoors are sold at a competitive cost. They are designed to be very convenient in use and maintain with a modernized high quality structure offering accuracy in its dimensions. It has a high thermal insulation. Stainless steel has the finest finish that offers rust or corrosion resistance. 

E-commerce Trends 

Creating an easy and pleasant social e-commerce experience will encourage users to finish their purchase. The traditional sales funnel has been replaced by the consumer engagement engine, one of the newest trends in digital marketing that every e-commerce platform has adopted is: 


The e-commerce segment offers an easy connect with the youth that is making extensive use of this medium to target the right customer base with new campaigns that win customers loyalty points, gift vouchers, redeemable coupons, couple passes to special dine out offers, festive offers, the works!

QSR segment: A Rising Popularity

The advent of internet, social media and mobile applications has metamorphosed the lifestyle of modern city-dwellers and the millennial generation. Applications on smartphones have become a lucrative platform for various businesses to offer personalised services to their patrons. The same applies to the Quick Service Restaurants segment as well. It is crucial for QSRs to adapt themselves to the mobile applications.  The high affordability, standardized quality products, fast-paced lives of people, especially youth and international brand equity are the driving factors behind the immense success of the QSR segment in the country. Discerning tastes of consumers and disposable incomes are driving the demand for Quick Service Restaurants that bring the best of international cuisines to the country at wallet-friendly prices. This is when Tandoor segment worked wonders for quick cooking of foods as well as rising demand of likeable tandoori items. E-commerce platforms acknowledged the rising popularity of tandoori food items and helped the industry to reign. These trends are set to accelerate the pace at which the industry bolsters its presence across the country. 

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