Top 10 Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

When we think of emissions, we think of giant oil firms and coal mine smog—but the fact is that the fast fashion business is one of the world’s most emission sectors. Excessive clothes manufacture not only harms the environment but also kills thousands of farmers and producers each year due to toxins and trash.

Thankfully, manufacturers are becoming more conscious and employing more environmentally friendly production processes, such as low-impact dyeing, recycling natural materials, and cultivating organic cotton. For green fashion items, go no further than the eco-friendly apparel labels listed below.

Check out our recommendations to ethically created shoes, fair trade bags, and even more ethical & sustainable apparel brands if you’re transitioning to a 100% ethical wardrobe.

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  1. Zara

Zara aims to make 50 percent of their items part of their Join Life range by 2022; this line of products is manufactured utilizing processes and raw materials that have a lower environmental effect. All boxes, bags, hangers, and alarms are now recycled and reused by the firm. Zara also intends to utilize only environmentally friendly fabrics and products by 2025.

2. Adidas 

Adidas has increased its commitment to sustainability and the use of recycled materials. To reduce their environmental impact, the company intends to employ entirely recycled polyester beginning in 2024. Adidas is also devoted to lowering water use in manufacturing; 20% of the energy utilized is sustainable, and the corporation is committed to fair labor standards.

3. Afends

Afends promotes sustainability in their clothing and goods by carefully selecting the most sustainable fibers with the least amount of environmental effect. Afends is concentrating on creating goods that will last a lifetime. Since 2014, the company has been making packaging made of maize starch that is completely biodegradable at home.

4. Plant Faced Clothing

Plant Faced Clothing is a vegan clothing company that is dedicated to providing sustainable and ethical products. The goods are built from environmentally friendly materials and are designed to last a lifetime. Plant Faced Clothing’s packaging is made entirely of recycled paper and printed using water-based inks.

5. Levis 

Levi’s is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly denim. The business makes things that endure a lifetime; its most popular item, the 501 Jeans, was produced more than 150 years ago. Levi’s intends to employ the water-less approach to cut their water consumption by 80 percent while also lowering their greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent.

6. Ninety Percent

This apparel company manufactures and sells its items in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 90% do not make large amounts of garments in order to prevent unwanted products; using leftover materials, one-of-a-kind things are made and sold in the waste, not the collection. Sustainable materials such as hemp, natural linen, Tencel, and organic cotton are utilized in the clothing’s creation.

7. Wild We

Wild We is India’s eco-friendly comfortable clothing brand. They empower people to actively stand for causes they collectively believe in, through powerful designs on sustainable clothing. Wild We use fashion as a medium to raise awareness and funds for causes like Research, climate change, animal rights, women empowerment, and more. Their collection is made from the finest all-natural fabrics; garments made with natural fibers do end up in a landfill.

8. Mud Jeans 

Mud Jeans are made from environmentally friendly materials, 40% of which are upcycled jeans. All of the goods are vegan. Mud Jeans has saved 300 million liters of water, 12000 pairs of jeans from landfills, and 700,000 pounds of CO2 due to its recycling efforts over the previous three years.

9. Lucy and Yaks 

This New Zealand apparel brand specializes in ethically produced garments and was formerly recognized for its dungarees. Lucy & Yaks’ newest factory in India is equipped with solar panels, making the structure totally sustainable, and all employees are paid a livable wage. All packaging bags and mailers are made entirely of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

10. TOMS

TOMS is a footwear company well known for its “one for one” slogan. For every pair of shoes purchased by a consumer, another pair is given to a deserving youngster. The firm is currently focusing on methods to lessen their environmental impact; for example, they are now employing 100 percent sustainably grown cotton and packaging. They also intend to employ 80 percent recycled materials in total.

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