Top 5 Exporters From India for Vest That Are Flourishing In The Global Industry

Quality, comfort, fashion, innovation, and value are all important to people when it’s about choosing a vest. Vest fashion is essential for both winter and summer wardrobes. Every individual who has a great life pursuit should have at least one to keep him entertained during the hot summer months and warm during the frigid winter months. Vests combine the best of both worlds: comfort and style. Men’s and women’s vest is preferred and sold all over the world, be it Indians or any other nationality. About 182 countries and territories actively import Men Vest from India. The total value of total export is USD 258.94 million. Let’s have a look at the top exporters who are contributing to this total export value and are flourishing in the global industry.  

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  1. Lux 

Lux is one of India’s most well-known and oldest brands. The Lux Vests are produced from superior pure cotton and are suitable for all ages; they keep the body fresh and provide a nice sensation. The Vest of Lux Venus is extremely lightweight and soft, providing maximum comfort throughout the day. It is an Indian innerwear firm based in Kolkata, West Bengal. Lux is continually pushing its boundaries while retaining its uncompromising position on quality, with a corporate turnover of around Rs. 2000 Crore+ and a workforce of 36,000+ direct and indirect trained and devoted individuals. As a Star Export House, the firm exports its goods to roughly 46 countries across the world, with the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Europe being the most important. This makes Lux the largest Indian exporter in the hosiery sector. 

  1. Jockey 

Jockey has led the clothing business for over 140 years by creating clothes that connect with the spirit of adventure. As a world-class brand, Jockey continues to inspire modern men and women all over the world with a revitalized feeling of uniqueness and freedom of movement, eventually meeting the human desire for comfort. Samuel T. Cooper started Jockey International, Inc., a privately held American firm, in 1876. Jockey is now a prominent manufacturer and marketer of vests for men and women, with products distributed in over 147 countries worldwide. Quality, comfort, fashion, innovation, and value are all important to the 140-year-old corporation.

  1. Rupa 

Rupa is one of India’s major knitwear companies, producing innerwear vest, casual wear, thermal wear, and sleepwear for men, women, and children. Rupa is India’s largest selling brand of Vests, leading with a commanding position in the market and is currently a global industry leader with millions of pleased consumers worldwide.  Over the last two decades, the firm has risen from strength to strength, delivering over 100 goods across 15 brands for men, women, and children, as well as over 5,000 SKUs within its existing product line. 

  1. Wild We

Wild We’s aim is to see the future of fashion, and it has delivered on that promise. It encompasses the complete spectrum of cotton blended items, from casual clothing to entire innerwear. This organization has gained the confidence of millions of clients in the industry and has a large number of pleased customers around the globe. Wild We’s vests are produced from the most exquisite yarns. To maintain competitive quality standards in the market, modern and innovative technology is employed for dyeing and bleaching. Other items on the list include men’s track pants, women’s leggings, children’s jumpsuits, and children’s nightwear. 

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  1. Dolar Big Boss 

Dollar Bigboss is a famous brand in India, and it is suited for men’s everyday use. Dollar Bigboss is the market’s best blend of style and comfort. The vest is constructed of 100% superior Egyptian cotton yarn, which makes it soft and skin-friendly. Dollar BigBoss Vest has also established a strong presence on e-commerce platforms and social media. Dollar Industries Limited has made significant inroads across 29 Indian states. Dollar BigBoss Vest has emerged as the most popular Indian innerwear brand in India, as well as in Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, and many other places across the world.

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