Amazing Ideas in Paper Decorations for Christmas and Kid’s Creativity

What is the simplest approach to reduce your Christmas spending? Of course, you may DIY your decor—and it’s especially cost-effective when the decor is produced from inexpensive materials. Paper Christmas decorations are a Christmas miracle if ever there was one. We gathered a slew of ideas that are equally as festive as other Christmas decorations, but a lot less expensive and scrappy (literally—use those wrapping paper scraps). You are quite capable of building these on your own. Continue reading for directions and ideas on how to deck the hallways the DIY way.

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Paper Ornaments 

Sundaram’s Origami paper decorations are almost as wonderful as real antique glass ornaments. They’re also quite simple to make. Colored paper, thread, and glue are all you need. Plus, they won’t shatter if they fall off your tree!

Garland of Faux Leaves

Make a DIY paper leaves chain to add some greenery to your table. Then give it the full Christmas treatment by sprinkling red berries throughout.

Wrapping Paper Upgrade

Christmas paper decorations don’t have to be intricate or need a knack for making. It may be as simple as changing up your wrapping paper. Coordinate your present wrapping with the colour scheme in your living room, and use the same techniques for your decorations to create a unified look.

Origami Paper Christmas Trees (DIY)

The origami trees are maybe the prettiest Christmas paper decorations we’ve ever seen. For a more modern look, use strong, geometric patterns but keep to a monochrome palette with metallic accents.

Ornaments for a Christmas Tree Made of Paper Candles

Create some paper candles to place on your Christmas tree. These are much better than hanging actual candles because the real thing would undoubtedly be a fire danger.

Decoration for an Outdoor Porch

Consider making some large felt Christmas lights, like these from Sugar & Charm, for a very festive look. Alternatively, if you have some construction paper or cardboard laying around, you may use that. If your door is a bright color, match some of the “lights” to it while keeping the rest Christmas-themed.

Create a Bell Garland

String red and white paper bells down your mantel with fishing line for a colorful, festive, and airy entryway decoration. The color palette of red and white is ideal for a candy-cane motif (bonus points if you add a touch of green with an accent chair).

Hang Snowflakes from the Ceiling

Float white paper lanterns or make-your-own snowflakes from the ceiling over your holiday dinner table. Stick to an all-white appearance with some fresh greenery scattered throughout for a real winter wonderland ambiance.

Miniature Cone Ornament

All you need to do to make this ornament is build a paper cone, connect string to it, and then fill it with a few beautiful artificial embellishments like leaves and berries.

DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree Hangings

Who needs lights and ornaments on a tree this vibrant? It’s ideal for apartment residents or as festive workplace décor.

Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd 

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