Checklist for Purchasing Notebooks

Soft cover or hardcover? Leather or Linen? Lined or Blank Pages? Spiral or Stitched? Are the sides square? Do you have a size that is convenient to use? Is it easy to tear pages? Whether you’re mostly taking notes, writing reports, journaling, make to-do lists, or all of the cool combinations above, the details matter. And there are many things to consider while you are purchasing a notebook. Personal preference may vary; we have to standardize the notebooks depending upon their usefulness. We have listed down a few important points to consider when you make a notebook purchase.


Does the cover appeal to your eyes? Does this notebook have enough writing space? Are the aesthetics and ergonomics of a notebook conducive to its use? Do the lines/dots/grid have a great effect or is it too distracting if the design is too large? Ask these basic questions to yourself whenever a notebook on the shelf first grabs your attention. If all the criteria fit in, buy it instantly. 

Paper Quality

Is the paper soft enough to write on? Is the thickness perfect to not tear apart easily? Does it look luxurious or fake because of the weight? Is the texture soft and smooth or coarse and scratchy? Is the paper recyclable? What is your paper preference – colored or white? Is the paper bleached or unbleached? Does the ink leak on paper? The better the thickness, the lesser it gets blotted. Check out the thickness that doesn’t allow the ink to blot on the paper. 


What design elements stand out? Hardcover or paperback? Is it eye appealing on the eye or disturbing to the eyes? Minimalistic, classic, sleek, or just plain boring? Do you want a good graphic design? Or is it a common occurrence or a little kiddish? Just the cover can make you feel good about using the book. It can be your favorite car or your favorite scenery or your favorite sports personality, just the cover can motivate you to study or work. 

Notebook Size

Which size is perfect for a particular subject? Does it fit in my bag or my pocket? Does it fulfil the purpose of using it for rough work or class work? Number of pages needed for a particular subject? For subjects like Math, physics or chemistry, you might need long books for the convenience of fitting longer equations on one page. Notebooks come in various sizes like A3, A4 and A5. Number of pages can be 140 to 172. A4 size books can be used for rough work with the flexibility of fitting in any size of the bag. 


Buying a single book or in bulk? Buying a A4 or A5 – what is more feasible? Should you buy 5 subjects single notebook or 5 separate notebooks for 5 subjects? The cost of all your school notebooks can add up, so instead of paying a large amount for a single book, you may want to buy in bulk. You can usually find every size notebook you need, from the very small to the large five subject notebooks. Instead of paying several rupees for each one, you can stock up and pay for the bulk for saving money because bulk buy will be cost-effective. Prices vary depending upon the number of pages and the master packs/unit. 

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