Top 5 Case Bound Notebook Brands Growing Online

Whether you are ready to start a new school year or need a new replacement to start afresh at your job, you need a good notebook every day. However, with options ranging from hard and soft cases to spiral bounds and stitched, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Personal favorite notebooks are always pocket sized and usually have plain, dotted, or square pages in hardcover or case bound.  The stationery industry is huge and competition is fierce among notebook manufacturers. However, there are still a few brands in India that have dominated the notebook industry for decades and continue to dominate. Let’s take a look at these brands.

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  • Navneet Publications
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Navneet was founded in the year 1959 by Gala Family in Mumbai. Earlier a publication company, Navneet started its stationary business in 1993. It is now leading in the list of India’s largest paper stationery brand. The roots of their business spread into three sections – Stationery, Publication, and Others. They manufacture notebooks with various binding cases and eye-appealing covers. They are also manufacturing Non-Paper Stationery like pencils, colors, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, compass boxes and other art materials. They trade their stationery products under the sub-brands like “Vikas”, “Navneet” and ‘FfUuNn’.

  • ITC ClassmatesNo alt text provided for this image

Established in 2003, Classmate stands its ground since then as the number one brand in notebooks with an annualized consumer spend of INR 14 crore. Classmate stands for identifying and celebrating the uniqueness of every child. The brand encourages each user to nurture the skills and interests that make them special, with confidence, to make their dreams, reality. They manufacture notebooks for every subject for hassle-free note-taking during classes or lectures. They make use of elemental chlorine free paper. Elemental Chlorine-free (ECF) technology is used for bleaching of wood pulp with chlorine dioxide during the manufacturing of paper. The bleaching process does not use elemental chlorine gas and prevents the formation of dioxins and carcinogenic dioxin-like compounds, thus, avoiding the release of poisonous gases and protecting the environment. 

  •  Sundaram Multi Pap Limited No alt text provided for this image

Founded in 1985 in Mumbai as a paper stationery manufacturing company, the company has grown by many folds and diversified into various other verticals of business. With a wide range of over 200 products today, Sundaram sells more than 5 lakh books everyday through its strong distribution network of 15000 dealers and distributors. The brand Sundaram stands for trust, quality products and for a legacy. They design, manufacture and market paper stationery products – exercise note books, long books, note pads, scrap books, drawing books, graph books – for students of all ages, as well as office/ corporate stationery products and printing, writing & packaging paper.

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  • Papergrid Industries
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With the backing from Sethi Group Of Companies – a well-established firm for over five decades, Papergrid Industries was established in 2015 as a Notebook brand. With a young and dynamic management of 125+ workforce, they are growning rapidly across the country with a strong network of 25000+ outlets. They have sold more than 50+ million books since 2015 and this number multiplies every single year. The case bound Notebooks manufactured under their name uses finest quality paper in Single Colour, Matt Finish Cover, available in attractive colors.

  •   Kitabby 

Kitabby is a sub-brand of Mahavir Industries. The name Mahavir has stood for high quality stationery for 40 years. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Mumbai, India. The company maintains the highest quality standards for all its products. Through continuous quality improvement, product improvement and the use of the latest production technologies, they have developed various time management products such as magazines and organizers to meet the needs of customers. Kitabby notebooks are perfect for personal, professional or educational notes. These notebooks can fit in small and it’s perfect for writing with a gel pen, pen, pencil, or marker. These case bound notebooks are made from environmentally friendly FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified materials and pasted on case bound hard cover that gives the notebook a long life.  

  • WeGo: Your Case Bound Notebook Online Business Promoter

WeGo is an online Retailer & Ecommerce marketer for selling stationery to customers in India through 25+ online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, India Mart, Alibaba and many more. They manage over 20+ products across multiple stationery categories and have buying relationships with small and medium notebook brand manufacturers. 

They enable SMBs to benefit from the fast-growing digital commerce space through content generation on products, training, consulting, advisory and value-added services like creation and management of digital catalogue and support in the use of online tools. The BPO services offered to uplift the capabilities of SMBs which helps them to transform their earlier off-line business to an online, open new avenue of Scale and Growth. Online sales for B2B and B2C is improved with the company’s data predictability and structured data engine, comparison shopping engines, modern recommendation algorithms, search ranking, anomaly detection, automatize communication process and Growth hacking know-how Engine.

They have helped stationery brands stretch beyond their geographical limitations to reach the remotest parts of the country. They constantly engage with sellers to understand how they can better their experiences and make e-commerce more beneficial for them through WeGo. In this era, sellers only remain in the marketplace if they are growing and this is how they can help them grow. 

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