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How does Facebook drive business for Amazon & Flipkart? best platform to grow your business online.

How incredible it is to know that Facebook, the oldest social media platform, still sparks curiosity among its audience. Facebook is not just about fancy features but it is now more about generating leads and getting business. There are over 2.7 billion active monthly users on Facebook. That is over one-third of the planet’s population every single month. Just imagine the audience catering to a business through Facebook?! 

Among several other aspects of the platform’s functionality, Facebook’s ad targeting system has become quite progressive and grown to meet an ever-increasing user base, which means the following things:

  • Facebook ad creation has been meticulously crafted and tested to get your Amazon and Flipkart brand awareness to around 2.7 billion users every month.
  • Amazon and Flipkart sellers have a way to collect valuable customer data to increase their favor with their own Algorithm and expand their digital marketing reach
  • Facebook broadens sales channels
  • Facebook collects valuable customer contact information to use for remarketing
  • Facebook  gives more control over the advertising strategy best place to grow your business online

Marketing and Sales Strategies of Facebook for E-commerce

Strategy 1 – Drive Traffic using Facebook Ads

Most people scrolling through their feed are not “purchase-ready” customers. This is what’s known as cold traffic. Chances are, no one has heard of you or your product, but they will see your ad. These ads should be “awareness advertisements.” These are ads that give viewers a quick who, what, when, why of your brand. Once the audience is ready, give them a personal offer or special coupon to purchase directly from your Amazon or Flipkart storefront. Even the conversion rate is 15, your ad is sold out! 

Strategy 2 – Redirecting audience to landing page

Since most of us will not have access to any special programs, creating your landing page is the next best strategy. The only way to track activity from an Amazon listing is through Amazon’s Attribution program. This program uses a tracking PIXEL (much like Amazon Facebook ads), allowing you to track/see who views your listing. At this time, Amazon Attribution is in closed invite only and exclusively for brand registered sellers.

Sending shoppers to your landing page, rather than straight to your Amazon page, allows you to obtain email addresses of customers you can use for future promotions and filter traffic so that only shoppers with the highest buying intent will reach your Amazon page ( who we call it hot traffic).

Strategy 3 – Become a listing partner on Facebook Marketplace

Retailers of Amazon or Flipkart can now become the listing partner of Facebook where you can list the products in the Facebook marketplace. This way the products are visible to a wider audience of Facebook and sales can be generated. It’s an easy process and buying options are flexible. 

Strategy 4 – Conversational commerce

Conversational commerce or c-commerce is when people and businesses connect through chat or voice assistance with the intent to drive purchase of goods or services. This behaviour has rapidly become mainstream across the globe and presents brands with powerful chances to engage shoppers in fresh ways. Add your Facebook’s business page’s direct message link on Amazon for your customers to directly approach you. This way your personal attention to your customer puts an impact and hopefully drive sales. 

Strategy 5 – Influencer marketing on Facebook

Best way to grab attention is to rope in an influencer who can publicize about new products, new discounts or offers which are available only on Amazon or Flipkart. Influencer marketing is the most powerful marketing tool of this century. Influencer marketing influences minds, drives traffic, generates meaningful leads and creates sales. E-retailers can offer special discounts or deals for their products on Amazon or Flipkart to gain brand loyalty. best platform to grow  your business online.

Strategy 6 – Build referral schemes

Facebook Ads can encourage customers to make repeat purchases but it can also encourage customers to convert their friends into customers. You use Facebook Ads to promote referral programs. People are more likely to pay attention to an attractive pop-up in their Facebook news feed than an email about a referral program. Shop owners can offer existing customers a discount in exchange for a referral or a video review of your product. Let these referral codes be only applicable on Amazon or Flipkart. 

Strategy 7 – Create an offer

Amazon Offers are another chance to increase your sales using Facebook. Although they’re no longer free to run on your Amazon page, they’re still a good way of offering a discount or time-limited incentive to fans and customers.Offers are valuable because people will need to come to your Amazon/Flipkart site to redeem them. And if they come to your site, the chances of them buying your products are higher.You can run an Offer directly from your Amazon/Flipkart’s page — where you normally post status updates.

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