Impact of Bloggers on Boosting E-commerce Sales

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Your business connections give you credibility and direct access to industry insights. So why not use them? Inviting bloggers is a great way to get unique perspectives on new launches or discounts for e-commerce business. It offers an opportunity to gain insights from someone else’s area of expertise which is more relatable to customers or fan followers. These days, people are inundated with advertising, especially with the recent developments in technology. It should come as no surprise that 92 percent of consumers place their trust in recommendations from friends, family and word-of-mouth over traditional marketing.

It can’t be any blogger who contributes to your business, try to find someone who creates a buzz in your industry. In the e-commerce world, influencers are people who have created significant shifts in the industry or launched a trend. An influencer can be anybody who reached an extraordinary level of success, thus igniting curiosity among others to look up to. Try to establish a relationship with an influencer to move the success wheel for your marketing efforts. They can have a big impact on the success of your blog by mentioning or endorsing your brand through social media. Check out these recent stats to know how powerful a tool is blogging:

  • 61 percent of online consumers make purchases based on recommendations from a blog
  • 60 percent of consumers feel more connected to a company after reading unique content on its site
  • 47 percent of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with the company
  • 51 percent of blog readers shop online

How do bloggers impact the sale of e-commerce?

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  • Blogger promote brand loyalty

Every brand or a product has a story to tell. Bloggers bring that story out in the open for a larger audience. Their commitment to the company helps establish brand loyalty. Fan followers believe in what their mentors use or say about a product/brand. Blogging allows companies to tell stories that could convert visitors into customers. So the loyalty of bloggers directly targets the audience.

  • Blogger can introduce or launch new products

When readers read about new products via a blog, they are likely to click to learn more. This generates traffic on the website and curiosity among the audience to check out the product. Just enlightening customers about varied products is enough to lure them to purchase the product.

  • Bloggers increase Google rankings

Google rankings are roared up with SEO-rich content. Bloggers constantly provide such content to engage your audience by regularly providing useful industry insights through a curated blog.

  • Backlinks from bloggers can help in redirecting the audience attention
grow your business online with the help of

Readers are likely to browse other pages on the e-commerce site, especially if a blogger provide backlinks. Backlinks are embedded within relevant strong anchor text. It’s easy to just click and go on a page rather than searching on your own. It’s like providing them food on a silver platter! Besides this, if a blog post goes viral, it could radically increase site visits, brand awareness and sales.

  • Bloggers use trending keywords

While content is the most important aspect of blogging, bloggers use keywords that help in SEO. They are well-acquainted with such trending words that are acclimatised by search engines. They make use of relevant keywords that are placed in areas such as the meta description, meta tag and headings as well as organically within the content.

  • Bloggers make their followers a part of the community

Well maintained blogs make readers feel like they’re a part of a community, as if it is an acceptance call. So bloggers make the content juicy and relatable to grab interests.

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