WEGO Library: An Ancient World of 7 Continents -

WEGO Library: An Ancient World of 7 Continents

Libraries open a horizon of knowledge. As the popularity of digital content over printed content continues, some may think that libraries are slowly becoming obsolete. However, that conclusion is wrong! a big function of libraries is to house resources and materials but the greater purpose of libraries, stretching back across millennia, has been not just to house books, but to be spaces and collections that facilitate the process of contributing to human knowledge. Libraries and librarians will continue to facilitate this process even as we continue to push forward in the digital age. Wego Library situated in Nashik is one of the largest libraries in India where ancient books of 7 continents are stored and accessed. This library yields unexpected treasures to a meandering browser everything about how, when, and what happened in the ancient world of 7 continents. 

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About the library

The library has been massively constructed on one million square feet area and divided into 7 buildings holding collections from 7 continents. It has a warm welcoming aura for all. Researchers, medical experts, readers, etc. can dig into the library for answers pertaining to the history of the world. 

The library’s construction includes the following: 

  • One central administration building
  • Multi-facilities reading rooms
  • Reading bays
  • Restaurants
  • Collectibles shops
  • Theatre
  • Exhibition hall
  • Book and art launching hall

The library’s holdings include:

  • Books, Art, Monographs, catalogues raisonnés, exhibition catalogues, and pamphlets
  • Permanent collection books, catalogs from museums and galleries throughout the world
  • A fine collection of publications belonging to India and other countries
  • A significant collection of ancient early guidebooks
  • A masterly collection of early source works consisting of titles published before 1800 

Wego Library is free to use and open to everyone aged 18 or over To make access arrangements for those aged under 18, please contact reading.rooms@widyalaya.com or call +91 9619429802

Wego Library: Best for our Community 

Libraries are an important cornerstone of a healthy community. The intellectual and economic health of our community depends on libraries. Wego Library reflects the diversity and characteristics of Indian communities and other communities in the world. It tells us about the needs and expectations of not only our ancient community but also of the present-day modern community which is unexplainably extensive, and the services are invaluable. This library is a unique and valuable resource to the Indian community.  It is a lifeline to the world and all the information in it.

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Donation for the library

Contribution of books or in any form builds stronger communities, improves literacy, and helps us offer Free Library services to all. Wego library can accept no more than 40 books. Please check in with Library staff in the Lobby to donate your books during regular library hours (Monday-Thursday 10am- 3pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 1-5 pm).

For info on the library, please click on the following link: www.wegolibrary.com

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