Benefits of Selling Pulses Online

Indian is the world’s largest producer, importer, and consumer of pulses and 20% of the world’s Pulses production comes from India alone. Pulses hold an integral place in the Indian agro-industry. In India, Pulses are grown over an area of 23.8 million hectares with a total production of 18.6 million tonnes. 735KG/Hectare is the average yield of Pulses in India. Pulses are usually grown in irrigated as well as rain-fed areas. The projected requirement of Pulses production by the end of 2030 is estimated at about 32 million tonnes. Indians give utmost importance to the intake of pulses because Pulses enhance the security of livelihood, security of nutrition, security of basic foods for regular life, soil health, the profit of the farms, and environmental sustainability. This important ingredient, thus, should be sold on online platforms for the ease of reaching out to maximum households.

Benefits of online selling of pulses

  1. Authenticity of seller

Sellers have to register themselves on these portals with the Aadhar identification for the acknowledgement of their authenticity. All the information of seller is mentioned on the online platform which is visible to everybody entering the platform. Traders or customers is given an assurance about the authenticity of the sellers.

  • Bulk buy made cheaper

If the farmers are directly selling on the platform, isn’t it a cheaper deal for all the customers?! No middlemen and no percentages to cut. Farmers can sell in a higher price which will still be a cheaper rate for customers. It’s a win-win situation for all. Everything will be legalised and transparent!

  • Compare rates on the same platform

Digitization has made life easy in way that all the rates of other sellers can be compared with just a click. No hassles of visiting other sellers within the city limits or beyond that and comparing the quality and prices on online selling. Check the reviews and read about the seller on the same platform to get an assurance of right dealing. There are also possibilities of one seller having varieties of same pulse wherein pictures and quality information is put up on the platform. This makes it even easier to take a right decision on choosing the preferred pulse.  

  •  Transparency in dealings

All the conversations and payments are to be directly done online. So all the legal formalities are kept transparent and clear since day 1. There is no hidden cost associated with the products. All the costs are mentioned during the checkout, including GST, Freight and loading charges.

  • Payment security

All the payments are 100% secured via apps like paytm, paypal, banks, etc. The seller will receive the information only after the product is selected and payments are confirmed. All the confirmations and transaction are on sent via email to keep it legal and in order.

  • Give best of offers

The best thing about online selling is that the seller can give out offers or discounts to lure customers. These offers can be on bulk buy, per kg or may be exotic pulses. Offers or discounts are the best way to get pulses in a reasonable rate.

  • Ease of communicating

Online portals can now be made multilingual for the ease of buyer or seller. They can communicate on these platforms in their local language. All the initial communication from the seller is done via ads placed on these portals. These portals also offer the best in round the clock customer support service with friendly communicators who can speak all the languages.

  • Change in stock and prices at an instant

With just a click, the seller can mention stock change, prices, discounts and offer. Updating the stock is now an easy work where all the changes are recorded. The farmer can keep a track of all the stock on a computerized system. Yearly or monthly selling can now be recorded with ease. Also, any kind of price change can be notified on the server within minutes, so the seller is in no loss whatsoever.

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