Top 5 Bestselling Product Categories That Rock During Covid-19

E-commerce selling is skyrocketing in Covid-19. It’s not only about the digital era; it’s also about surviving in this financial crunch of a situation. Small scale to large scale sellers are now preferring e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopify, etc. for the selling of products. To learn the success mantra of online selling, go for products that are high on demand. It’s also not about luck, it’s about the unique selling strategies that one uses to sell their product. Understanding the need of the hour is one way to sail through the thunderous competition of online selling. We have listed the categories of products that rock during Covid-19.

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While this is also the era of e-learning, schools and colleges are more about online teaching that makes it mandatory for parents to invest in such devices for their children. This generation is quite tech-savvy, so buying the latest gadget is all the more needed now. As long as consumers want to be up-to-date with their gadgets, a category like “technology” will always be on the list of top-selling niches and never go outdated. Products under this category are:

·        Smart devices like IPad, tablets, phones, etc.  

·        Portable speakers

·        Video Games

·        Cables and cords for computers

·        Power banks and chargers

·        Headphones

·        Bluetooth devices

·        Memory cards

·        USB devices

·        Printers

·        Screen guards

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Toys & Games

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While this pandemic situation has forced kids to stay indoors and most of the parents are worried about the increasing screen time, the best way to busy kids is to buy board games, memory games, and other toys. Board games occupy not only children but also adults and add up to the valuable bonding time with family. This category has always been a hit on e-commerce platforms considering the wide variety one gets online. Products under this category are:  

·        Memory games

·        Colorful toys

·        Card games

·        Inflatable lounges

·        Wooden game kits

·        Playsets

·        Outdoor kits

·        Lego blocks

·        Board games

·        Jigsaw puzzles

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Covid Safety Supplements

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In an attempt to restrict and contain the virus, new manufacturers are arising in the market and are only benefitting from the deals they crack online. Covid-19 is obviously a threat to the whole world and this fear has helped many new manufacturers to progress while the businesses of the world are on hold. Products under this category are:  

·        Masks

·        PPE Kit

·        Sanitizers

·        Thermometers

·        Hand gloves

·        Touchless types of equipment and gadgets like hand dispensers, advanced thermal temperature recorders, etc.

·        Face Shield

·        Cleansing Agents

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Books & Stationery

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 While books and fancy stationery are the best alternatives to keep kids and adults off the screen, these items have also topped the list of categories this pandemic. Avid readers are ordering novels online or happy clicking on reading apps. Teenagers are exploring creativity by experimenting with their personal diaries. Kids are loving every bit of coloring in drawing books with fancy painting apparatus or solving puzzles in activity books. Dads are also partnering moms in finding delectable recipes in recipe books while they all ‘stay at home’. So this category is a good hit! Products under this category are:  

·        Cookbooks, diet books, and recipe books

·        Biographies and memoirs

·        Children’s books

·        Comics

·        Fictional books

·        Suspense and thriller books

·        Personal Diary

·        Paints

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Beauty & Personal Care

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Covid-19 only meant a shutdown of all businesses. The beauty industry was hit majorly because they were linked to fashion and accessories. If people only had to stay at home, why not bring beauty at home. Millions of people struggled and learned about the know-hows of maintaining good skin and body at home with beauty products they had never bought previously. The whole world was found experimenting with personal care products at home and a lot of new sellers emerged successful during this time. Products under this category are:  

·        Branded makeup products

·        Beauty products that have natural ingredients

·        Beauty tools and accessories

·        Essential hair and body oils

·        Massaging oils and creams

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