Wild We A4 Artist Drawing Book -100 Pages -50 Sheets -140 GSM



Wild We  Artist Drawing Book has 100 pages. The paper is 140 GSM. The spiral-bound book has a plain cover. It measures 29.5″ x 21″. Pages are perfectly aligned without any folded corners due to the excellent cut and finish. The paper surfaces we provide for watercolors, ink pens, pencil colors, or crayons are smudge-resistant, so ink and fading do not smear or “fill in” the surface. Sundaram Stationery offers top-quality drawing books and sketchbooks 365 days a year. The weight of paper is determined by its thickness. Paints or pen ink are less likely to blot it when it is thicker. We offer Sundaram papers with a thickness of 100 and 140 GSM that don’t allow the paint to blot on them. Paper quality, size, and a number of pages determine the price of a drawing book. can usually find every size of drawing you need, from the very small to the large size drawing books. Instead of paying several rupees for each one, you can stock up and pay for the bulk for saving money because bulk buying will be cost-effective. Drawing books or sketchbooks come in different sizes to fit a variety of art forms including minimalistic art, intricate details, drawings, and landscapes. The small design book is light in weight and very convenient to carry. Different-sized design books also give you different art style ideas. With the growing trend of mandalas and letters, a square design booklet is also made available that’s perfect for saving paper and practicing. We intend to provide an artist grading platform of various sizes to meet the needs of every artist. The superior binding strength and wrapper lamination make them as durable as ever. Made from superior quality paper and pulp, the pages are whiter, brighter, and smoother. The premium quality Drawing Book comes with attractive cover designs. Preferred and loved by everyone. Sundaram artist Drawing book covers are subject to change based on stock availability.

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Weight 550 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 21 × 17 cm


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