WeGo Art Gallery – Abstract – Acrylic-Colour Poster on Canvas Board by Handmade Needle Texture Painting

60,000.00 24,989.00


  1. Acrylic Painting done on canvas.
  2. Immense aesthetic appeal.
  3. Handmade work of 35 days.
  4. Delight’s ones mood on looking at it.
  5. Explores different texture painting.


The Abstract painting’s basis are about form, colour, line, pattern, composition and process. This painting explores different textures and delight’s ones mood on looking at it. You are art lover and would like to give Precious Gift to your loved one then this is perfect choice. Great quality Acrylic Colour Needle Texture Painting with immense aesthetic appeal. completely handmade This arts of cultures had become accessible and showed alternative ways of describing visual experience to the artist.



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