Tan-Reducing Exfoliation Home Care Large Combo Kit -


Tan-Reducing Exfoliation Home Care Large Combo Kit

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How To Use:
To 1/2 tsp Roopada add 3/4 tsp Dermo Detox pack. Add 2 tsp water and
mix well. Apply the complete mixture on the face and neck. Rub gently
for 2 minutes and keep applied on the face for 3-4 minutes. Again
moisten with water, rub and wash off.




  1. Roopada is an oil control exfoliator, which balances the oil and moisture balance in skin, at the same time it exfoliates gently
    removes the excess dead cells from the skin.
  2. Dermo Detox pack detoxifies and purifies the skin, and provides excellent photo protection.
  3. Open pores, excess oil, cane, pimples, Black heads and white heads can be effectively taken care of by this combo of Roopada and Dermo Detox pack.
  4. Very effective combo for reducing the tan, patchiness, and dullness of skin. Reduces tan, improves skin tone, and provides a uniform look on the skin.
  5. Roopada-Detox combo is the best ever home care for better Glow and shine on the skin, acts by minimizing the dead cells and improving the complete skin quality.

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