Tan-Control Dry Skin Home Care Combo Kit -


Tan-Control Dry Skin Home Care Combo Kit

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How To Use:

  • Clean the skin properly with cetalife cleanser or AHA Smooth-N-Glow face wash.
  • Apply 1/2 teaspoon TejoLife Cream on the face with gentle upward,Outward massage till the complete cream is absorbed into the skin.
  • Apply 1 tsp Inno-White mask with 1 tsp water on the face with gentle massage. Massaging the pack on the face provides better texture and glow. Keep applied for 5 minutes and wash off.
  • Apply Inno-White Sun Block 1/4 tsp with 3-4 drops of water, on the face after washing the face, and admire your own beautiful skin.



  1. A daily care for reducing tan, patchiness of skin, and refreshing, restrengthening the skin.
  2. Tejo-Life Cream is the complete nourishing, strengthening and protecting emollient cream for dry to normal skin.
  3. After massaging Tejo-Life cream onto the skin, apply Inno-White mask on the face with gentle massage, this provides bright glowing looks.
  4. Tejo-Life Cream and Inno-White face mask are perfect combinations. It restrengthens the skin, tightens, smoothes the fine lines,
    refreshes, reduces tan and provides perfect beautiful looks.
  5. Inno-White sun Block is the foundation based sunblock which gives beautiful looks, glow and uniform looks, reducing patchiness of skin


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