Dry-Frizzy-Rough Hair and Scalp Care Combo Kit -


Dry-Frizzy-Rough Hair and Scalp Care Combo Kit

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  1. Genta Sensi shampoo, as per the name, is specially designed to support the dry, sensitive, rough, dehydrated hair. Best shampoo for gentle abd best wash for the frizzy hair.
  2. Luster X is the best ever Hair Moisturizer. It hydrates, softens, and lusters the hair, providing silky feel and nise textured shine.
  3. Scalp does not need oil, it needs proper moisturizing, your hair roots deserve it. Tricho Moist is the best Hair root moisturizer. Use Tricho-Moist in place of hair oil, you will always get better results.
  4. Coconut Care cream will extra nourish and soften the hair providing a complete home hair spa. Will soften and moisturize the hair, and will provide glamorous looks to your dry hair.
  5. Overall great experience with your own hair using this Dry-Frizzy-Rough Hair and hair root care kit.


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