Cleansing-Scrubbing-Tonning-Moisturizing Daily Home Care Combo Kit -


Cleansing-Scrubbing-Tonning-Moisturizing Daily Home Care Combo Kit

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How To Use:

  • Apply 1 teaspoon Cetalife lotion on the skin and massage till almost absorbed into the skin. Wipe off with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Apply 1/2 tsp Genta Sensi Scrub on the face with gentle message. Take a hand of water and massage for 2-3 minutes. Keep applied for next 5 minutes and wash off.
  • After washing, wipe off the face and apply 1/2 tsp Liposoft Moisturizer on the face with gentle massage and leave on.



  1. Ceta life is the most gentle, pH balances, softening, purifying and deep pore detoxifying cleanser.
  2. Genta Sensi Scrub, for gentle removal of dead cells form your skin without scratching and damage.
  3. Genta Light scrub deep cleanses, nourishes, softens, reduces dead cells from dry skin, and tones the skin to have better looks.
  4. Liposoft Moisturizer is the with multiple benefits. It has prominent moisturizing action. Best moisturizing without making the skin oily. It also contains sun protection and tan reducing factors.
  5. Best beauty combo for perfect deep pore cleansing, mild exfoliating, softening, smoothening fine lines, sun protection, tan reduction and moisturizing.

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