Cleansing-Firming-Line Softening-Sun care Daily Home Combo Kit -


Cleansing-Firming-Line Softening-Sun care Daily Home Combo Kit

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How To Use:
Apply 1 teaspoon Cetalife lotion on the skin and massage till almost absorbed into the skin. Wipe off with a soft cotton cloth. Apply 1/2 teaspoon TejoLife Cream on the face with gentle upward. Outward massage. Leave on the skin. While going out and when you feel dry, apply Aneeha Sunscreen Lotion on the face and neck with gentle massage and leave it on.



  1. Ceta life is the most gentle, pH balances, softening, purifying and deep pore detoxifying cleanser.
  2. Tejolife emollient cream perfectly balances-protects and strengthens the skin. A part of cream deeply penetrates the skin and the other forms a protective coat on the skin. The most authentic cream for dry skin.
  3. Aneeha Sun Screen is the ultimate protection from sun your dry skin needs. Protects, de-tans, strengthens and moisturizes the skin. Also can be used in the form of Moisturizer with protection.
  4. Cetalife for Cleansing, Tejolife for complete and perfect care, Aneeha Sunscreen gives protection for everything that your dry skin needs.
  5. Not only very effective for women, but is also a great support for men.

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