Cleaning Accessories - Trigger Sprayer 28mm Head

Cleaning Accessories

Every Cleaning Accessories has a story to tell, especially if the product is as small as trigger sprayer. lifestyle shifts were emerging and leaving us with less time to clean, and placing cleaning lower on the priority ladder. The trigger sprayer promised consumers convenient cleaning styles where larger surfaces were covered and led to lesser water wastage.
Today the trigger sprayer system has been adopted for more alternatives and more cleaning occasions. They are a perfect tool for several domestic, chemical and industrial purposes.

It all dates back to World War II when spraying liquid to cover larger areas was considered a hassle. Shortly after World War II (1945), plastic manufacturers started working on different types of spray pumps using plastic materials.

This allowed for diverse commercial and domestic liquids to be used cheaply. The mighty trigger spray pump was also developed using plastics and now comes in an array of beautiful designs, styles, colours and safety features.

Importance of Cleaning Accessories

It’s an iconic package structure because it serves such a wide range of users and uses. Available in various sizes, colors and shapes, these sprayers are used for hair care, sun care and personal care products. With advancement in instrumentation processes, these sprayers have been transformed into preventing accidental actuation.
In order to prevent accidental actuation, these sprayers have an integrated lock. These sprayers also have the free rotating closure which enables orientation on the bottle.

There’s a lot that goes into its designing considering its huge usability. Manufacturers have to accommodate infinite hand sizes, grip preferences and usage dynamics

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