Top 10 Nightwear Brands for Kids in India

Nobody understands the value of sleep more than new mothers who don’t get enough of it. Nonetheless, mothers are always striving to provide their children with the most restful and comfortable sleeping environment possible. Are you looking for the finest nightwear for kids? The finest sleepwear is one that helps regulate their body temperature, is gentle on their skin, and fits them perfectly. Let’s have a look at the top 10 nightwear brands for kids in India.

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  1. Little West Street

Little West Street is quite likely to make the list of Favorite Nightwear Brands for Babies and Kids in India. There isn’t a single thing they compromise on, whether it’s the fabrics, the designs, the detailing, or the comfort. Samridhi Ganeriwala founded Little West Street after noticing a need for a comfortable premium nightwear collection for children, which includes pajama sets, short sets, and tunics. You have the option of personalizing your selection. All star moms like it, from Kareena Kapoor to Sameera Reddy and many more!

  • House of Dreams

House of Dreams is a Kolkata-based sleepwear label for adults and children. Lounging around their houses in cute printed comfy Pajama sets has been the owners, Radhika and Kritika’s favorite thing to do, and they wanted to share it with the world. This brand guarantees maximum comfort in terms of materials and size. They are well-known for their one-of-a-kind bespoke prints, such as Master Chef and Peppa Pig. They may even create a print for return gift treats based on your birthday party theme.

  • Papillon

When a hobby became a vocation, Papillon was born. Swati, the Founder of Papillon Nightwear, has always splurged on one-of-a-kind nightgowns whenever she could. Papillon gives you a taste of the ancient world in the shape of traditional nightgowns. A luxury range of sleepwear that is as comfortable and tailored to your dimensions as it is gorgeous to wear in the morning. They may also be personalized with your initials or name. Let’s travel to London or Harry Potter; they have new patterns and 100 percent cotton fabric!

  • Nigh Nigh Store

Popsicle Kids, currently renamed as Nigh Nigh Store, is a one-stop-shop for children’s nightwear. Roopali and Swati founded this. This brand is an excellent choice for your newborn or your thirteen-year-old child. It offers superb finish and materials on everything from night suits, short sets, and pajama sets to ballerina and Christmas night clothing for kids.

  • Wear Your Dreams

Wear Your Dreams is a custom Nightwear company for toddlers and adults founded by Rashi Garg and Soniaa Bansal. This brand is well-liked by everybody and was recently sponsored by Alia Bhatt. Wear Your Dreams, Big Boss’ official nightwear partner, has consistently exceeded expectations and thrilled clients when it comes to quality, prints, and finish. It provides a variety of customizable options.

Wild We‘s aim is to see the future of fashion, and it has delivered on that promise. It encompasses the complete spectrum of cotton blended items, from casual clothing to entire inner wear. This organization has gained the confidence of millions of clients in the industry and has a large number of pleased customers around the country. Wild We’s nightwear is produced from the most exquisite yarns. To maintain competitive quality standards in the market, modern and innovative technology is employed for dyeing and bleaching. Other items on the list include men’s track pants, women’s leggings, children’s jumpsuits, and children’s nightwear.

  • Little Musketeer

In the nightwear sector, it is a new yet extremely promising brand. Little Musketeer was founded by Suruchi Dua. They attentively design the body forms, sizes, and shades, and all nightwear from 100% cotton fabric. Their team has also recently created a new range of official Tees for youngsters that are both attractive and inexpensive. You may also choose from newborn to adult plus sizes.

  • Fayon

Fayon is a famous premium designer apparel brand for children that redefine every child’s attitude. From casual wear to formals, Indian to Western, Birthdays to Weddings – Fayon adds a touch of sophistication to every event. They have released a new range of night garments for children. Whether dressing a newborn or a stylish adolescent, the intricacies of a wardrobe are well recognized while optimizing comfort.

  • Nightsuit Company

If you’re searching for elegant satin nightwear, or if you want to twin with your child, or if you want to have nightwear personalized with their name printed, The Nightsuit Company is the place to go. Their nightgowns, pajama sets, and short sets have unique patterns that your children will like!

  1. FrangiPani

FrangiPani, based in Mumbai, was founded by two mothers who refused to compromise on even their child’s sleepwear. They only create pajama sets for both boys and girls, and they use chemical-free colors and 100 percent soft organic cotton.

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