Top 10 Men Vest Brands in India

Vests, also known as Baniyans in India, are an essential piece of Indian clothing. We put it on before any shirt or T-shirt to give it form and support beneath shirts. Many customers prefer it for its superb fit and appearance, while others choose it for its comfort and geographical temperature. Here is a list of the finest vest brands in India that you can buy in 2021.

  • Lux Venus

Lux Venus is one of India’s most well-known and oldest brands. The Lux Vests are produced from superior pure cotton and are suitable for all ages; they keep the body fresh and provide a nice sensation. The Vest of Lux Venus is extremely lightweight and soft, providing maximum comfort throughout the day. It is an Indian innerwear firm based in Kolkata, West Bengal. Sunny Deol appeared in the first television commercials in 1992, which went viral across India. Its presence in India is expanding all the time. The Lux Venus Company sells a variety of items for men, women, and children.

  • Jockey

Jockey Company manufactures 100% cotton material in the market, and fiber yarns are utilized to form this Jockey stuff, which is further processed to make it more workable and smooth than standard cotton. Jockey Company is an American Manufacturer that was founded in 1876. Jockey sells men’s, women’s, and children’s sleepwear, underwear, and sportswear. Jockey is a global brand with a registered trademark in over 120 countries. Jockey began selling all of its items directly on an e-commerce website in 2000, and its products can now be found on practically every e-commerce website, including Amazon and Flipkart.

  • VIP

The VIP Company Vest is specifically designed to provide an outstanding fit. The VIP Vests are of high quality and are also quite comfortable to wear at home. The vests are made of sweat-wicking fabric and are perfect for rough use. For more than 40 years, VIP has continually delivered excellent goods that give the user optimum comfort while also achieving a stylish result. VIP Company’s slogan is that they make every VIP client feel like a true VIP when they wear a VIP vest.

  • Rupa

Rupa is India’s largest selling brand of Vests, leading with a commanding position in the market. Rupa offers a complete range of knitted garments, from casual to innerwear, and is currently a global industry leader with millions of pleased consumers worldwide.

  • Hanes

Hanes is an American clothing manufacturer that produces Vest for men in order to give excellent comfort. Hanes not only offers vests, but also all types of innerwear and outerwear on the market.

It is an American brand that became popular in 1999 thanks to celebrity sponsorships from Michael Jordan and Matthew Perry. Hanes provides its goods all over the world and is well-known in the industry for its durability and quality. The bulk of Hanes items are manufactured in Thailand, although 90% of Americans own Hanes products.

Wild We‘s aim is to see the future of fashion, and it has delivered on that promise. It encompasses the complete spectrum of cotton blended¬†items, from casual clothing to entire innerwear. This organization has gained the confidence of millions of clients in the industry and has a large number of pleased customers around the country. Wild We’s vests are produced from the most exquisite yarns. To maintain competitive quality standards in the market, modern and innovative technology is employed for dyeing and bleaching. Other items on the list include men’s track pants, women’s leggings, children’s jumpsuits, and children’s nightwear.

  • Dolar Big Boss

Dollar Bigboss is a famous brand in India, and it is suited for men’s everyday use. Dollar Bigboss is the market’s best blend of style and comfort. The vest is constructed of 100% superior Egyptian cotton yarn, which makes it soft and skin-friendly. Dollar BigBoss Vest has also established a strong presence on e-commerce platforms and social media. Dollar Industries Limited has made significant inroads across 29 Indian states. Dollar BigBoss Vest has emerged as the most popular Indian innerwear brand in India, as well as Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, and many other places across the world.

  • Dixcy Scoot

Dixcy Scoot promises to deliver economical and high-quality innerwear to all demographics. Dixcy was founded in 1982 in Tirupur, South India, and offers a superior line of Vest in the market. They are expanding their global business. Dixcy has prepared for its quality over 420 items to grab the public’s curiosity by being supplied throughout 120,000+ outlets via 1200+ distributors. Dixcy has expanded its product from innerwear to a lifestyle brand in the market over the previous 32 years.

  • Viking

Viking is a company that makes knitted items such as briefs, camisoles, and vests. Apart from men’s and women’s clothing, it also produces children’s clothing. Viking always guarantees the highest quality Vest and ensures customer happiness. Vests are made using eco-friendly and advanced production processes. Viking always delivers on time, guarantees quality, and is accessible on the e-commerce website at a reasonable price. Salman Khan, a well-known superstar, has promoted the Dixcy Vest brand through television advertisements, making it one of the most popular and profitable companies in India.

  • ONN

The vest from the ONN brand is always comfortable and well-fitting. The cotton fabric conforms to your body like a second skin and gives a tight fit. ONN is a premium men’s innerwear and casual wear brand. For the first time, the brand ventured into the women’s and children’s winter thermals categories. ONN provides superior quality Vest for men, as well as a selection of items such as briefs, boxers, and vests in the market.

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