What to look for in Sundaram Drawing Books!

It is so amazing that you get to paint your imagination and the best stories of your life in a drawing book and secure them as a treasure. It’s never a dull moment when you are drawing or sketching. Sundaram Stationery provides 365 days of arty fun with top-quality drawing books and sketchbooks.  Students and creative artists use these drawing books to paint, sketch and do creative write. Drawing books and sketchbooks are available in various sizes, page quality, covers and number of pages. The idea of ​​a drawing book or a sketchbook is to provide ready-made drawing paper in the form of a book, making it easy for artists to save their work. There are various drawing book brands flourishing in the industry since time immemorial, so which brand to go for is also an important point of consideration. Sundaram as a brand has following feature to look up to: 

Paper Thickness  

Using high quality paper will make the biggest difference to your drawing or sketching experience. When choosing a picture book, it is important to know the thickness of the paper as per your skills. A lot of skilled artist take 140 GSM of paper where negative color can be applied more than 5 times on the paper of this thickness. Several artists have tried to do the same with 270GSM watercolor paper. That’s why it is important not only to find the thickest paper, but also to understand the composition and purpose of the paper. The weight of the paper depends on its thickness. The better the thickness, the lesser it gets blotted by paints or pen ink. Sundaram offers papers with 100 and 140 GSM thickness that doesn’t allow the paint to blot on the paper. Check out the paper thickness in the product catalogue: https://www.sundaramgroups.in/product-range-2021/

Paper Surface

The surface is more or less called ‘teeth’ or roughness on surface. The thicker the paper, the rougher the surface is. Rough surface is typical for thick sheets. Thick, uneven surfaces tend to hold the paint, making it ideal for high-contrast, low-detail work. Toothier surfaces are great for charcoal, colored pencils, crayons, wash ink or watercolors. A smooth surface has less support and is suitable for more precise work. Very light papers such as tissue paper and light drawing paper are generally soft, but thick papers such as bristol and colored paper are also soft. The smooth surface is ideal for graphite pencils, colored pencils and ink pens. In addition, the best papers are smudge-resistant, so ink and fading do not smear or “fill in” the surface. All these paper surfaces are made available by Sundaram for their drawing books. Check out the paper surfaces in the product catalogue: https://www.sundaramgroups.in/product-range-2021/

Orientation of book 

One of the basic factors to choose is the drawing orientation or style – you can choose a portrait or a landscape sketchbook. Generally for painting, landscape orientation is considered and for sketching a portrait orientation is considered. So choose accordingly to create to sketch your visions flawlessly. Check out the orientation of books in the product catalogue: https://www.sundaramgroups.in/product-range-2021/ 

Binding style 

Some artists like drawing on both sides of the book, whereas some like flipping the page and drawing. Sundaram drawing books are available in hardbound and spiral binding for the ease of drawing. Create strokes of excellence with Sundaram. Check out the binding style in the product catalogue: https://www.sundaramgroups.in/product-range-2021/


The cost of a drawing book depends upon the paper quality, size and stationery brand. You can usually find every size of drawing you need, from the very small to the large size drawing books. Instead of paying several rupees for each one, you can stock up and pay for the bulk for saving money because bulk buy will be cost-effective. Prices vary depending upon the number of pages and the master packs/unit. Check out the prices in the product catalogue: https://www.sundaramgroups.in/product-range-2021/

Book Size

Drawing books or sketchbooks come in different sizes to fit a variety of art forms including minimalistic art, intricate details, drawings and landscapes. The small design book is light in weight and very convenient to carry. Different sized design books also give you different art style ideas. With the growing trend of mandalas and letters, a square design booklet is also made available that’s perfect for saving paper and practicing. We intend to provide an artist grading platform of various sizes to meet the needs of each artist. One of the most popular sizes today is 4″ x 4″, that is, A6. Check out the different book sizes in the product catalogue: https://www.sundaramgroups.in/product-range-2021/

Environmental-friendly Usage  

Did you know that drawing pages can be recycled? All drawing books and sketchbooks are generally 100% consumer recyclable. For those who are supporting environmentally-friendly practices, you can buy a recycled book option. With this twist in recyclable products, you send the books for recycling which can be reusable by you or others in need. Sundaram books are recyclable too!  

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