E-commerce gives a Boost to the Local or Global Business of Agricultural Irrigation Industry

E-commerce in agricultural products has continued to evolve recently due to ease of access. E-commerce sites offer a wide variety of products, from seeds to heavy equipment. Advances in information technology are helping farmers expand their agricultural businesses. The development of an e-commerce platform lowers production costs and helps farmers find new products in the agricultural sector. The development of an e-commerce website can foster the development of five key sectors – agricultural suppliers, agricultural producers, food manufacturers, agricultural wholesalers, wholesale retailers and consumers. Let’s look at how e-commerce gives a boost to the local or global business of agricultural irrigation industry. 

Diversifying e-commerce market

E-commerce market can expand your portfolio of marketing items for your business. There may arise a time with low activity or inactivity in various outlets after attaining high traffic and activity on the e-commerce. Online retailers can experience these ups and downs, but they provide a very important and stable presence when available throughout the year.  

Mention of brief product descriptions

You can easily direct consumers to other content on your website that showcases product use (recipes, displays, plantings, products, etc.). You can also suggest additional or complementary products through product descriptions, photos and videos or through platform offerings. This advantage can be obtained by simply investing time for it for fruitful results.  

Wider customer base

Think personally about your broad customer base. What percentage of these customers do you think are individual visitors? May be they are visiting your e-commerce platform for the first time after checking out your ads or through any marketing channel. Let their first experience be the best one. If they really liked your experience and product, you will be at an advantage of mouth publicity and loyalty of the customer. This way the word spreads and you get more and more customers at a local as well as global level. All these added advantages are provided by an e-commerce platform.   

Customer convenience

Individuals who are unable to visit their workplace regularly due to current or potential working hours or work from home, e-commerce offers the convenience of shopping as much as possibilities allow. With internet accessibility even in the remotest of areas, convenience of buying necessary items is now possible. That ways, sales in any situation is not a hampered. All you need to give your customers is a good experience.   

Collection of Data

E-commerce can help you collect the data about the sales of your products and customers which is very valuable. Web analytics allows you to track which pages and products your visitors are viewing, how much time they spend on specific pages, how they navigate through the pages and what types of devices they use. This valuable information is obtained in minutes, so a lot of time and effort is saved. 

Technical know-how

E-commerce requires technical knowledge of the platforms used and all the network systems used (inventory management, accounting, etc.).  It is very important to learn about these skills to develop a profitable e-commerce business platform. If you don’t have these skills, you can easily hire agencies who have mastered in e-commerce platforms. 

Establishing connections

Relationships are very important to agricultural companies and their clients. Connecting with the farms and farmers you buy is your ability to get to your location, and the experience with you and the agricultural environment is the main driving force offered by e-commerce platforms that is difficult to gain while you are offline. With a wider platform to market your products, one of the advantages is also about a wider platform to form connections. You can create farmers communities and send out invitations to the farmers throughout the world and hear about their experiences, challenges and innovations with just a click. 

Packaging, shipping and distribution

Options for ordering customer products online include automatic delivery, mailing/shipping and customer pickup. Each of these options has its own advantages. E-commerce platforms like Amazon are providing warehouses for helping out farmers or manufacturers. Through these centrally located warehouses, product delivery becomes a hassle-free task. These warehouses are also making arrangements for packaging of perishable products like refrigeration for the products to be delivered in the right condition to the customers. 

Mergers and acquisitions 

Key players are launching new products, mergers and acquisitions to expand their product portfolio in the global agricultural market. For instance, banks are launching an online platform for their clients that will offer online banking for agricultural products. Through this strategy, the company focuses on creating a marketplace that provides services related to the daily needs and lifestyles of various customers or farmers. 

About Mahindra EPC 

Mahindra EPC is a Mahindra group Company, popularly known as EPC Irrigation Limited is a pioneer of micro-irrigation in India and have been supplying products worldwide through e-commerce platforms. Started in 1986 with the initial French Technology support, Mahindra EPC had developed the capability to design and develop the irrigation products of international standard, satisfying every need of Indian Farmers.

Mahindra EPC provides complete solution for agriculture with a focus on Micro-Irrigation, Pumps & inter-related requirements of fertigation & agronomic support. Mahindra EPC is also planning to enter another allied business activities in future. The company is registered in all major states under subsidy program in India. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) has acquired majority stake in Mahindra EPC Irrigation Limited through preferential issuance of equity shares. This transaction has enabled M&M to enter Micro-Irrigation Sector.

Mahindra EPC has a strong & widely spread network of large number of channel partners & is supported by offices at strategic locations. Mahindra EPC has also launched first of its kind one stop shop for agro products & solutions (Agri Showroom) in Buldhana district of Maharashtra, wherein farmers can find all agri input products & services under a single roof.

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