Top 5 Picks of Poultry Equipment Companies in South Africa & Middle East

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South Africa’s poultry sector continues to be a strategic national industry. Chicken has long been the major source of protein for South Africans, securing this industry’s role in promising country’s food security. Statistics showed that South African chicken imports had grown by 400 percent in the past two decades. Benchmarking this with other countries, South Africa’s current imports were at 30 percent while those of the countries like the US and Brazil were around just 1percent. South Africa was the US and Brazil’s fifth largest importer of chickens. Poultry industry is playing a pivotal role in shaping the economy of the country, contributing to employment and food security. This industry is globally competitive and is an attractive prospect for foreign trade, having outperformed the EU for the past 13 years and eliminating the need of tariff protection. Living up to its level of competition, South African poultry has involved a sizeable investment in breeding, hatching, rearing and processing activities for which the necessity of essential equipments have become mandatory for all poultry owners. Following are top 5 picks of poultry equipment companies: 

  1. Poltek 

Poltek is the biggest producer of plastic poultry products in Africa. They have operated for over 30 years focusing on meeting the needs of the poultry industry. The types of products produced include crates, chicken feeders, chicken drinkers, plastic poultry equipment, etc. Products are made in a high-tech factory with modern machinery, ensuring the farmer achieves the production levels he expects. At POLTEK, you get good reliable products, consistently updated and improved designs that are efficiently distribution and offered at the best value throughout Africa. 

  1. Plasson 

Plasson is a leading supplier of equipments and solutions for the livestock industry. This includes equipments for watering, feeding, climate systems, etc. In addition, the company markets flow fittings for connecting PE pipes that are suitable for mines, municipal water distribution, gas conveyance, transfer of industrial fluids and waste water systems. It has a global presence, especially in South Africa and Middle East. 

  1. Opherclem Manufacturers & Distributors (PVT) LTD

over 16 years of fabrication and engineering has established Opherclem private limited as a market leader in the manufacturing, supply and installation of top quality products to all sectors and beyond our borders. Opherclem manufactures & distributors (PVT) ltd specialises in the field of structural engineering, steel fabrication and erection, window and door frames manufacturing, customised specials, sliding gates, aluminium fittings. The company has also been recently engaged in the, Supplying equipments of Poultry – selling and installation of Cages, Rabbit Equipment, Battery Cages, Nipples, Incubators, Placker Machines, etc. after discovering a big competitive market.

  1. Dhumaal Industries 

For over three & half decades, Dhumal continues to be one of the largest and most trusted poultry equipment companies in South Africa and Middle East and enjoys a lion’s share in installation of durable, sturdy and quality poultry equipment. Innovation is at the heart of their core values to create technologically advanced products for the benefit of the farmers. Their product offering consists of a wide range of watering, feeding, and climate control systems designed from semi-automatic to fully automatic functioning to suit the requirements. They also offer turnkey poultry solutions for broiler, breeder and layering. They have a wide clientele base spread across the globe who has given them critical acclamation for their superior quality of products, exclusive designs, cost-effective solutions, reliability and assurance in timely delivery. Research & Development coupled with excellent business ethics has been the cornerstone of evolution and growth for Dhumal. The company enjoys national leadership in its business, being the largest producer of drinking and feeding system in India, and has collaborations with leading international companies and also exports its products to many countries.

  1. NatureForm Hatchery Systems 

NatureForm Hatchery Systems is one of the leading and most respected suppliers of incubation equipment in the world. With machines in over 100 countries, NatureForm has established itself as a primary supplier to the commercial poultry, primary breeder, small flock/game bird, vaccine, and ratite industries. NatureForm was founded in 1982 by a former affiliate of the Robbins Incubator Company of Denver, Colorado. Robbins was a global provider of incubation equipment with a 40-year reputation for building rugged machines that provided excellent hatchability and chick quality. NatureForm was originally established with the goal of modernizing the Robbins product line and building upon its many excellent features.


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