Tips and Tricks on How to Buy Groceries Online

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Online shopping is the trend of the 20th century, be it grocery or utilities, or clothes. With a wide customer base, increasing internet connectivity, and growing popularity of online shopping, a lot of farming communities have opened e-stores for grocery shopping which is now booming in every city of the world. Shopping for groceries online has proven advantageous not only for ease of shopping but also safest in this pandemic situation where the whole world is facing the unexpected worse. 

Grocery online shopping has been favourable in all ways offering best in convenience of door-step delivery to avoiding long queues. There are also disadvantages of doing online shopping, especially for groceries, like no taste testing, enquiring to the vegetable vendor, or handpicking your own perfect vegetables. Nevertheless, it’s a luxury when you have the door-step delivery as per your convenience. Going to the grocery store can now be eliminated from your busy schedule. With just a one-minute investment of time, you can order farm fresh produce as per your choice. Struggle is less and happiness is more!  

How to choose what can be the most difficult question to ponder on. So here are a few tips and tricks on how to cherry-pick your groceries online:   

  1. Read the description of the product

Read in the ‘description of product’ before you buy in a haste. Every food has a profile page where you can check nutrition facts, allergy information, suggested substitutions (for when it’s out of stock) and customer reviews. Check for the sourcing of products. If they are sourced from the region most famous for a particular fruit/vegetable then you can rely on the quality of the product. This can be mostly valid for fruits/vegetables. For other grocery items, it is always best to read the particulars first and then buy. 

  1. Check for reviews 

Most online stores have ratings to give for any kind of product. The better the rating, the easier it is to choose a product. Check for reviews in the vegetables/fruits section for an assurance because there is a whole lot of uncertainty in buying fruits and vegetables online.   

  1. Choose organic 

Some agricultural foods can be grown organically under the government certification. More organic and pesticide-free food intake is now officially in the market and on these online platforms as their organic store. Click in the organic store and check for food labels or in the description for organic mention. Organic food remains fresh for one week. So it’s easy to rely on organically labelled food. 

  1. Read the nutrition facts

While you are in a grocery store, you mostly check for the product ingredients. Never change this habit of yours even for online grocery shopping. The more the nutrition in your food, the better it tastes. This is especially for food items that you have never brought before. If the details are not mentioned in the description below, swipe for images of the product at the back cover of the product picture. All the percentages are described on the product image.    

  1. Lookout for your most favoured manufacturer or vegetable vendor

If you are a frequent in grocery online shopping, you might have your list of favourite brands or vegetable/fruit vendors. Try choosing groceries from your most preferred manufacturer/vendor for you can rely on the quality they provide. Any famous manufacturer or vendor can also be cherry picked for your groceries because you know they sell the best quality. 

  1. Prefer Seasonal Foods if Possible 

If you are a regular in grocery shopping, you will be aware of the seasonal foods. Try choosing them for online shopping because they come with an assurance of freshness. Food experts also recommend consuming seasonal foods more than unseasonal foods.

  1. Get connected to farmer’s community 

A lot of online portals are publishing stories of their farmers and letting the buyers offer help to them by connecting them together through events, farm tours or even social media engagement. This way you can offer any kind of help to farmers by joining their community. Farmers are now offering flexibility to grow fruits or veggies of your choice. You can also partner and grow with local farmers and also monitor their growth. Leave the expertise to the farmers to bring hand-crafted produce to your door.

  1. Think before you pre-book groceries as per calendar

 Having a dinner party at home over the weekend? Online grocery shopping can make the process trouble-free by letting you pre-book food items, especially for non-perishable items. For perishable items, it is always recommended to pre-book a day in advance for freshness to remain intact. 

Some of the e-stores from where one can buy farm fresh food are: 

WeGo Shopping,,,,,,,,, and

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