Top 6 Coffee and Tea Premix Companies in India

There is a roaring trend of premixes in these years. The growing trend of fast food culture among the younger population has attributed to the growth of this market. Several premixes are in trend like for coffee, tea, cakes, pasta, noodles, custard, jelly, etc. These premixes play an essential role in delivering flavor, as well as textural and visual differences in a food item. Many factors have led consumers to prefer premixes like less time consumption, easy cooking style, better flavour, ideal appearance, quick to consume rapid urbanization and busy lifestyles. These are just a few of the many attributes processors look for in premixes, and companies are increasingly bringing innovative and creative ideas to meet this demand. Players in the market are actively involved in various activities, such as expansions, product innovations, etc.

The rising trend of adopting vegetarianism and vegan lifestyles among people across the globe is impelling the risks of nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin B12 which is present in fish and meat products. The consumption of dietary supplements and food enrichment are capable of preventing such deficiencies. Several customized premixes manufacturers are investing hefty amounts in producing tea or coffee equipped with micronutrients. These products often come with attractive packaging and labels promising improvement in the immune system or bone health. These factors are expected to augment the customized premixes market growth in the coming years. With COVID on the rise, these manufacturers are also producing herbal teas that act as immunity boosters. 

  1. Kartin

Kartin tops the list of manufacturer and suppliers of tea premixes in India. Kartin tea is made from all natural ingredient and no preservatives. As the world knows that tea premix is used in tea vending machines but their product is made in such a way that you can prepare best tea even without vending machine. They offer best form of ready-to-drink tea with no added sugar, milk or tea granules.  You can enjoy kartin even with chilled water (for cold coffee / lemon ice tea). Kartin tea is not just good in taste but also economical for anyone. They have 1 instant coffee premix and 6 flavors in tea – Elaichi tea, Masala Tea, Lemon Grass, Lemon tea, Green Tea / Lemon Green Tea. 

  1. Tweak Beverages

Successfully serving the industry for the past 15 years, Tweak Beverages is the most consistent manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and supplier of premium grade of Tea, Coffee and its premixes. They offer a wide assortment of products such as coffee and tea vending machines along with instant premixes of tea and coffee. Owning to the efficient performance of their developed vending machines, they have garnered a huge clientele of renowned hotels, restaurant and food joint chains. They gained fame for their tea and coffee offerings that are recognized for rich aroma, unique taste, high nutritional value, moisture proof packing and equitable pricing.  Their premixes are for tea, coffee, flavoured tea, masala tea, lemon tea, green tea, hot chocolate, etc.  

  1. Superb

Om Sai Foods is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality tea premixes. They have been providing a range of Dairy whiteners, Instant Tea powder & Coffee premix powder for vending machines to the consumers under the brand name “SUPERB”. They manufacture and supply high quality tea and coffee premix for vending machines throughout India. They are famed in their industry to use the finest quality of ingredients to maintain the trend of delivering quality whereas their products get checked on various parameters for purity assurance. We offer a perfect blend of various flavours and taste of ready to use tea & karak coffee. One of their concoctions is for a no added sugar tea premixes. With rich taste, pleasant aroma, and shelf life of 6 months, their products have gained huge appreciation from customers all over the world. They maintain high quality packaging and prompt delivery schedule to successfully cater to the need of our clients.

  1. Exotica Foods

Started just a few years ago, Exotica foods have etched itself as one of the promising brands in the market. They manufacture a wide range of premixes that are quick and easy to prepare, and can be used to make scrumptious drink at any time. They source from quality growers and procuring the
finest ingredients. Due to their top quality of premixes, they associated with the giants like Amazon, Google, Cocacola, Mc Donalds, Yahoo, eBay, etc. 

  1. Plus Beverages

Plus Beverages initiated their journey in 1997 as a tea and coffee premix and beverage dispensing machine manufacturer. They are now a preferred choice in the retail market as well in the corporate sector for varietal beverage premixes of top notch quality. With constant innovations and tireless efforts, Plus expanded their range of premixes which now includes tasty variants of 100% natural tea and coffee, green teas, soups, nimbu paanis and specialty premixes like masala milk, ukala, kashmiri kahwa and the world favourite haldi doodh (turmeric latte). To add to their innovations, Plus offers clients indigenously manufactured vending machines for beverages, snacks, cold drinks, etc. which can be operated by cash, credit cards, biometric systems and even mobile phones. They have an enviable customer base that includes large multinationals, government organisations and popular national and international airlines 

  1. Panama Foods

Panama Foods is an upcoming manufacturer of specialty instant foods based in Mumbai, India. The company specializes in the field of powdered premixes of beverages and savory mixes. These premixes are supplied to two verticals of the food industry i.e. vending machines and foodservice companies. The company also offers consultancy in the field of grounded spices, sauces, and pickle industry. They offer premixes for a wide range of products like iced teas, flavored instant drinks, margaritas, frappes, smoothies, diet beverages, coffee, tea, milkshakes, sauces, dips, marinades, etc. 

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