Top 5 Manufacturers of Aroma Products

Historically, India is a land of perfumes but aroma industry was not evolved in our country due to secrecy. Initially, exotic aromas and scents were a part of the Indian way of life for purposes like religious offering or an aid to meditation. This industry was brought to light in 1992 when liberal Indians got influenced by westernisation. One of the effects of western influence is the enhanced use of fragrance in Soaps, Cosmetics & Personal perfumes. Presently, aroma ingredients are added to cosmetics and personal care & home care products to impart desired fragrance. Natural aroma ingredients include flower, fruit, wood, and spice, while synthetic aroma ingredients are produced from chemical compounds such as esters, aldehydes, alcohols, musk chemicals, and terpenes. They are widely used in creams, body lotions, shampoos, hair oils, deodorants, and perfumes. Increase in applications of aroma ingredients in cosmetic & personal care industry is the key factor that has driven the growth of global aroma ingredients market.

Global Market Outlook of Aroma Industry

It is estimated that 35 % of the global population uses 65 % of Fragranced Products. Now one can imagine the future growth of this industry. It is estimated that the total global market size of F & F and allied industry is of the order of USD 20 billions (Rs. 100,000 Crores). Indian share is about 10 % of the globe, which is USD 2000 Millions (Rs. 10000 Crores). The global aroma ingredients market size was valued at $11,391.0 million in 2018, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% to reach $16,252.4 million by 2026. Indian aroma industry will spread at a much larger markets than the west because of sheer market size and growth. 

CSIR Mission

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has contributed significantly in the development, nurturing and positioning of aroma industry in the country. The mission will promote the cultivation of aromatic crops for essential oils that are in great demand by aroma industry. It is expected to enable Indian farmers and aroma industry to become global leaders in the production and export of some other essential oils on the pattern of menthol mint. This has led to creation of an ecosystem benefitting the industry, farmers and next generation entrepreneurs.

Support provided by CSIR mission for aroma industry:  

  • An additional area of 5500 hectares will be brought under cultivation of these crops by interventions of CSIR to further catalyze cultivation of aromatic crops in about 60,000 hectares. 
  • An additional 700 tonnes of essential oil is expected to be produced annually for perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and use of these oils in value addition and herbal products would generate a business of at least 200 crores.
  • Bring about 5500 ha of additional area under captive cultivation aromatic cash cropsparticularly targeting rain-fed /degraded land across the country
  • Provide technical and infrastructural support for distillation and values-addition to farmers/growers all over the country
  • Enabling effective buy-back mechanisms to assure remunerative prices to the farmers/growers
  • Value-addition to essential oils and aroma ingredients for their integration in global trade and economy
  • This is expected to provide substantial benefits to the farmers in achieving higher profits, utilization of waste lands and protection of their crops from wild and grazing animals.

Top Indian Manufacturers of Aroma Products 

  1. Oriental Aromatics 

Initiated in 1955, Oriental Aromatics is an Indian based company headquartered in Mumbai. Initially their business was to only to create fine fragrance with its own unique essence. Realization hit them hard when they discovered that unique scents and tastes were the next big wave in the FMCG industry. So he spearheaded a transition into fragrances and flavours, creating product after product, which elicited that much sought after response by their clients. Their footprints gradually spread all over the world. They even have a regional company in Jakarta due to solicited response from that part of the world. Their product range is diversified into 4 categories – fragrances, flavours, aroma chemicals and camphor. 

  1. Industrial aromatics

Industrial Aromatics manufactures and exports aromatic chemicals fragrances for cosmetics, candles, hair care products, detergents, soaps and incense sticks for buyers around the world. They have become a leading name in the field of perfumery compounds due to their constant innovation and quest for perfection. They offer a rich collection of more than 50 aromatic incense fragrances that truly epitomizes the richness of Indian perfumes. They strictly follow industry standards to manufacture fragrances. High quality cosmetic fragrances as per IFRA and GRAS guidelines are used extensively in hair care and personal care products.

industrial aromatics.jpg
  1. Nishan Products 

Nishan Products began the journey of its growth in the year 1998 by manufacturing, importing, exporting and wholesaling a wide range of Agarbatti Powder, Agarbatti Making Machine, Incense Ready Mix Powder, Agarbatti Bamboo Stick and many more. They have quality testing units to check and maintain the quality of our products. Their products are designed keeping in mind the industrial standards so that they can meet the expectations of the client. They are exporting their products to Uthopia, Bahrain, Brazil, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Nepal, USA etc. Their organization is backed by well-established infrastructure where they have implemented advanced production lines for manufacturing of the products with maximum perfection and production. 

  1. Shri Krishna Udyog

Established in the year 1989 at Mumbai, Maharashtra, Shree Krishna Udyog is a Sole Proprietorship based firm engaged as the foremost Manufacturer, Trader and Exporter of Agarbattis, Premium Incenses, Perfumes, Perfume Potli, Incense Stick, Air Freshners, etc. Their products are high in demand due to their premium quality and affordable prices. Their values and principles of timely deliveries have gained a huge clients base in the market. They also export their products in Africa, USA, Europe. The incense sticks and wide variety of fragrances from Shree Krishna Udyog have been created by them using a special self-created formula. Their self-creation and innovation in products have garnered them huge success. 

Shri Krishna Udyog.jpg
  1. Moksh Agarbatti

Having been in the industry of incense sticks manufacturing since 1996, Moksh Agarbatti creates and supplies incense sticks of world class quality that are way ahead of their competitors in terms of quality, fragrance and lasting ability. Currently offering 35 varieties of incense sticks in different undertones- fruity, floral, oriental, premium, woody, cosmetic, florabatti. Moksh Agarbatti has introduced various novel and unique fragrances such as Swarna Champa, Swarna Gulab, Swarna Mogra, Swarna Lavender, Swarna Kasturi, Swarna Chandan, Akash Phool etc. These fragrance incense sticks manufacturer in Bangalore currently offers their brilliant product through 15 company depos and thousands of retail outlets. all their products are manufactured in 4 factories and distributed widely throughout the country by 800 stock distribution centers, 19 company owned distribution centers.


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