The Ultimate Guide to Selling Health and Beauty Products on Your Own Website

Health and beauty is a huge force in the retail segment, after grocery. It incorporates a wide range of products including health and personal care, nutritional supplements, medicines and creams, as well as beauty and cosmetics. Sales and profits are high and so is their popularity. Besides this, they are also very challenging to sell because of its reliability in safe use and quality.

Value of the beauty and personal care market across India from 2010 to 2020

The health, beauty and personal care industry across India were estimated to grow almost twice its value of over 11 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 by 2020. One of India’s fastest growing consumer product sectors, the health and beauty market was estimated to grow over 22 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, almost double its market size in 2015.

Growth opportunities

The health, beauty and personal care market in India could be widely classified into five categories – body care, hair care, face care, hand care and color cosmetics. Traditionally, the industry is divided into a premium and a mass-market segment. The premium segment represents 28% of total sales worldwide, while mass-market accounts for 72%. Body care products accounted for the highest market share, while color cosmetics and hair care had high growth opportunities. Unilever was the key player in the beauty and personal care market with the largest sales share owing to its extensive product ranges in all categories. Overall, the fastest growing segment was the premium segment, which was mainly dominated by the international brands.

Traditional distribution channels focus on bricks and mortar, particularly sales through supermarkets, specialty stores, pharmacies, and salons. Direct sales and eCommerce, however, have become increasingly prominent, with online sales for beauty companies growing at a much faster rate than general internet sales. One of the largest trend that a lot of brands are incorporating is the democratization of brining high to low prices products under one roof like ‘Sephora’.

With such a growing competition among e-commerce portals, one should grab all know-how’s of selling health and beauty on your website. Here’s the best way WeGo Shopping can help online retailers:

  1. Create a Smart Website Design

When its about health and beauty, you need a smart website design. With bright colors, fancy fonts, cool photographed pictures, etc., a retailer or a manufacturer can definitely grab eyeballs. WeGo Shopping helps in creating smart design choices for the online store like going for a minimalistic approach to choose a template for website that offers versatility in seasonal change of products, showcasing the most trending ones on homepage to grab attention, using a clean navigation setup to direct customers to online store, setting SEO to be found easily on search engines or cart or give discounts for newcomers.

  • Website and Product Optimization

Everyone in the health and beauty industry knows what a cut-throat competition it can be. With so many independent sellers and retail stores having lower margins and huge marketing budgets, it can be hard to make a name for yourself and stand out from the crowd. A sample search query on Google is the perfect example to be found. This is why we need optimizing of website and its products. Creating a store and not optimizing it or the product is like sailing in a boat with a hole in it. It’s like your product is showcased only on your website and not on search engines like Google. To make a good visibility of your product on search engines, your whole website and your products have to be optimized with unique title tags, meta descriptions and product descriptions when uploading a new product line or set of seasonal items. WeGo shopping has the expertise in making your website fully optimized with right kind of keywords and tools.

  • Gain trust for its authenticity

One of the biggest challenges is customers’ fear of non-genuine items. Buyers will readily send you messages, make A-to-z claims, write product reviews and post seller feedback claiming the item they received was fake. If that happens too often your website can get black listed – even if your products are actually genuine. WeGo Shopping offers consultancy in product information  that includes product characteristics, various marketing claims with references in support to increase its credibility and authenticity. So you can offer genuine certification along with the product that goes for selling.

  • Pricing strategy

WeGo Shopping serves manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, traders, B2C and B2B market places in International and domestic markets. So pricing is strategized based on factors like targeted audience, market places, its exclusivity, etc. The products are positioned between mass-market and premium, thus being an affordable luxury for its young customer base. One of the radical product ideas is by selling ordinary products based on single active ingredients at extremely low prices, which can then be mixed and matched by consumers for their specific needs. This creates an affordable and extremely personalized experience. With right strategy, pricing difficulties can overcome.

  • Create Social Media Presence for a Pretty Face

Creating a social media presence starts with more than just a thought. It requires research. It’s important to know which platforms are best suited for different demographics. WeGo Shopping not only creates an influencing social media presence but also helps in increasing brand loyalty, driving traffic to websites, promoting good customer service, increasing customer engagement, providing more conversion opportunities, accessing to more accurate customer insights or allowing brands to promote products to more people. So it offers one solution to the success of your online store.

  • Marketing Strategies with Ad Offers

This industry is built on the notion that visual is everything?  Why? That’s because the latest social networks have given rise to a new obsession with pictures and visual content. That’s where social media marketing comes into play. Social media allows health and beauty brands to not only showcase their products in a visually appealing way, but interact with their customers as well — a crucial skill in an industry where customer feedback and loyalty determines business longevity. Social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram help to stimulate a buzz with the click of a button. For major brands and blossoming businesses, it’s no secret that social media is now a necessity to engage customers and promote products to a much larger audience with just one ad or one offer. WeGo shopping creates such ads or offers as a marketing tactic to increase traffic and sales. Percentage off and free shipping promotions perform well. Add these and other promotions to ad copy to help give your existing sales a quick boost.

  • Segment Your Subscribers through Email Marketing

Email list segmentation is a low-cost way to boost your conversion rate and relate to your subscribers. Your subscribers have naturally provided their information based around their email address when they interact with your site. You can learn their names, products they’ve purchased, their location and more. For example, segment your email list to those who have purchased tops in the past and send just those email addresses an email with a promotional code for a discount off tops for a limited time only. By segmenting your email list, you are building a more customized experience for your subscribers and increasing the likeliness of making the sale.

  • Make a splash on social media with influencers

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the greatest ways to get exposure. One easy way to leverage word-of-mouth marketing is to encourage influencers or someone of great societal influence to share the products and their experiences with their followers. WeGo shopping has a list of influencers for health and beauty industry to help online stores flourish at minimal cost. These influencers share selfies or photos of them using the new products and write reviews directly on the product pages. This is marketing right on your product pages to influence potential new customers while they are shopping. This is one very effective way to influence minds.

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