Sell Fruits Online for a Profitable Income -

Sell Fruits Online for a Profitable Income

Digitization has riveted entrepreneurs, farmers, educationists, artists, and other professions in doubling their income with lesser efforts. This is the power of technology that the whole world is benefiting from. While digitization has also helped a lot of businesses like farming in learning more about the profession, next-gen farmers are applying this knowledge to do farming in a smarter way and earn profits gradually. With the help of digital marketing, they can now learn more about modern methods of farming, advanced tools, or machinery to be used, and adapt to a more knowledge-driven approach to commence farming. With the current efforts of the Indian Government to create a cashless economy and double the growth of smartphone usage, it’s now time for agricultural trade to be digitized.

Special Efforts were taken by the Indian Government for the Farmers

At least 166000 registered farmers across the country are now selling their produce from the liberty of home or even online under e-NAM (National Agriculture Market). E-NAM is a pan-India electronic trading portal which networks the existing APMC mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities. Their mission is to integrate APMCs across the country through a common online market platform to facilitate pan-India trade in agriculture commodities, providing better price discovery through a transparent auction process based on the quality of products along with timely online payment. They envision on promoting uniformity in agriculture marketing by streamlining of procedures across the integrated markets, removing information asymmetry between buyers and sellers, and promoting real-time price discovery based on actual demand and supply. Such platforms give a boost to farmers to believe in their efforts and conduct dealings with an assurance from the Government. It is just a way to revolutionize the digital supply chain of agricultural foods in India.

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Why Farmers should consider selling fruits online?

·      Legality in business strategies

On the most important benefits of using an online platform is that these portals offer users a legal way of supplying goods and earning profits. They provide buyers with the information about the producer, supplier, product, quantity, quality, etc. which helps maintain trust and satisfaction amongst customers.

·      Adds to the income of farmer

Farmers still face exploitation from brokers as they don’t get the actual benefit for their produce sold which is double the amount when it reaches to its consumers. Online marketplace helps farmers directly connect with their consumer which helps them increase their revenue without any interference by the intermediary.

·      Offers a wider audience

Online marketplaces have buyers and sellers from all around the country who connect with each other and build a wide network thereby creating growth opportunities for both. Expanding the network thus helps them with broadening their customer base and thus, their loyalty.

·      Keep a strict check on fruits demanded

Since everything is legalized on online platforms, the demand for fruits and selling of fruits helps in avoiding wastage. The immense number of buyers and affordable pricing give them the option to eliminate the produce surplus.

·        Strike deals instantly

Farmers on these online platforms can strike deals for their harvests remotely by first uploading pictures of their samples and then getting these samples scientifically checked for quality by remote assayers, without having to move entire truckloads to physical markets.

·        Hassle-free business dealings

Once the farmer strikes a deal online with the buyer, they need not crowd these mandis, scouting for buyers because these platforms essentially serve as a buyer-seller platform. No crowded markets and less stress of being under the direct scrutiny of competitors.

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