Top 7 Art Galleries in the World

Art is an embodiment of imagination. A rare piece of art is born when an artist brings it’s the imagination to life. For an artist, every piece of art is an appreciation in itself. Many prefer displaying its art galleries while others keep their imagination locked in their room. It’s always good to appreciate art if it is up for display in an art gallery. With hundreds of amazing art galleries around the world featuring stunning and immersive art, the choice of which to feature was a difficult choice. Those featured are here are as a result of reputation, research, famous artists, and exquisite paintings.

1)  Florence Art Gallery

Franco Ristori founded the iconic Florence Art Gallery more than 50 years ago. The quaint and wonderful art gallery is situated in the Piazza Ognissanti, which is very popular with art aficionados and tourists alike. Roberto de Ruggiero and Virna Ristori lead the creative direction of the gallery. Florence Art Gallery features masterpieces of contemporary and modern art as well as those of artists whose works were greatly inspired by the Old Masters of Italian Fine Art. A visit to the gallery will introduce you to the works of Yolande Ardisonne, Florence Arven, Xavier Bueno, Claudio Cargiolli, Francesco de Panis, Jacques Eitel, Bruno Paoli, Denis Paul Noyer, and Angelo Vadala. These artists are just a few of the talents whose paintings are on exhibit at the Florence Art Gallery.

Location: Florence, Italy

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2)  Robilant + Voena

Edmondo di Robilant and Marco Voena established the Robilant + Voena art gallery in 2000. Since its inauguration, the gallery has built a reputation on featuring the best representations of Old Master, 19th Century, Modern and Contemporary fine art as well as Italian Modern and Post-War art.The gallery’s highlights include exhibitions of artists such as Antonio Joli, Gaspar van Wittel, Mimmo Rotella, Lucio Fontana, Roberto Matta, and Giorgio Morandi. For almost 20 years, Robilant + Voena has collaborated with the most respected galleries and fine art institutions around the world. Among these collaborations are exhibitions at the National Gallery in London, the Frick Collection, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the National Museum of Stockholm, Tate Gallery in London, the Galleria deli Academia in Venice, and the National Museum in Tokyo.

Locations: Milan, Italy

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3)  Eric Coatalem Gallery

The Eric Coatalem Gallery first opened its doors to the public in 1986. It features the best works of noted French artists from the 17th century to the 20th century. Since 1994, the gallery has participated in various art exhibitions such as the Biennale and Salon du Dessin in Paris and the Tefaf de Maastricht in New York. Among the landmark exhibitions hosted by the gallery are those of Lubin Baugin, George-Augustus Wallis, Francois Perrier, Louise Moillon, Gustav Klimt, and Hubert Robert to name a few. A visit to the Eric Coatalem Gallery today will put you in awe of the following masterpieces of French fine art: Aurore Withholding Cephalus by Philippe de Champaigne, Biche on the Lookout by Jean-Baptiste Oudry, and Hercules and Athena by Lawrence of La Hyre.

Address: Paris, France

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4)  Albemarle Gallery

Founded more than 20 years ago by Tony Pontone, the Albemarle Gallery has established itself as one of the leading proponents of Contemporary and Figurative art. Pontone, who serves as the gallery’s Creative Director, continues to find and showcase the works of past and upcoming talent in the world of fine art. Over the past few years, Albemarle Gallery has run exhibitions on the creations of Alfredo Roldan, Jeongwoong Lee, Dina Brodsky, Michelle Doll, Dolly Thompsett, and Jamil Naqsh. The gallery plans to continue its course of presenting the masterpieces of award-winning artists. In its current roster are highly-acclaimed and multi-awarded artists such as Miriam Escofet, Caroline Burraway, Neil Douglas, and Bae Joonsung.

Address: London

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5)  WeGo Art Gallery

Different factors have inspired artists in India to paint. Indian paintings were often inspired by spirituality and sensuality, making it stand out in terms of content and aesthetics, an aspect that is appreciated even today. WeGo Art Gallery is an eCommerce social selling platform and an effective means for independent Indian artists to self-sufficiently fund their craft, and most importantly, to gain the independence to sell the work they want to create directly to their niche audiences around the world. It has given these artists an opportunity to expand the horizon and reach larger audiences worldwide. It is like a mini virtual gallery for an artist to display their work, the price, and details of their work. From ancient Indian art to contemporary art, every art gets a display here. Log onto their platform:

Some of their paintings are:

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6)  Ruarts Gallery

Marianna Sardarova founded the Ruarts Gallery in 2004. As an art collector, Marianna knows the intricacies of the gallery business. She commissioned one of Moscow’s leading architectural firms, Atrium, to design the gallery. Ruarts is situated in the museum center of Moscow and covers a massive area of 800 square meters. It is widely recognized as the leading dealer of contemporary art in Moscow. The gallery maintains an active presence in the most distinguished exhibitions of fine art. Among these events include the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the Moscow Biennale for Young Art, the International Biennale of Street Art, Comoscow, Unvanity Art Fair Madrid, Vienna Fair, Pulse NY, Art Beijing, and ARCOMadrid.

Address: Moscow, Russia

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7)  Jiri Svestka Gallery

Jiri Svestka Gallery was founded by Dr. Jiri Svestka in 1995. Dr. Svestka’s passion was art history and also served as the gallery’s curator. Prior to opening his namesake gallery, Dr. Svestka was the director and curator of 2 galleries in Germany: the Kunstverein Duesseldorf and the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. The gallery has the distinction of being one of the first private galleries in the Czech Republic. Dr. Svestka’s purpose is to bring both Czech and Central –European art at the forefront of the international art scene. Among the prominent Central European artists featured by the gallery are Katerina Kozyra, Marketa Othova, Jitka Hanzlova, Ioana Nemes, Dan Perjovski, Kristof Kintera, Petra Feriancova, and Rafal Bujnowski. The Jiri Svestka Gallery is a regular exhibitor at several distinguished art fairs such as Art Basel, FIAC, Armory show, Art Chicago, TEFAF Maastricht, and ARCO.

Address: Prague, Czech Republic

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