Success Story of Rangvishwa Enterprises

Nilesh Joshi, Founder of Rangvishwa, is a testimony of hard work. 

Born in a small town of Dhule in Nashik District in a family of progressive people, Nilesh Joshi showed great interest in building things and enhancing the lives of people through technological developments. His keen interest in technology made him pursue Computer Technology with a advanced diploma degree. This education was a stepping stone to widening his knowledge base towards creating innovative technology. He learned the basics and applied them religiously in manufacturing products demanded by global market. After all, he has king-sized ambitions to make his company a true global behemoth with his sheer determination and hard work. 

Initial Stage of Success 

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Starting primarily with specialty label and screen painting, Rangvishwa Enterprises grew into the business like a plant with roots firmly spreading into the ground. This business was moderately growing into his sector when Mr Joshi’s vision of expanding more had become as clear as a crystal. He owned a technology-oriented business that made him realize the need for upgrading and inventing new products to live up to the market demands. He leaped forward to creating graphic overlays in the year 2007. Graphic Overlays is an interface that connects the user to the machine or device. 

This meant a rigorous R&D and analytics on the giving a durable and long-lasting product at an affordable cost. Initially it was a one man show where Mr Joshi manually created the product. He learnt about the product finishing with different textures including environment suitability or exposed application. He gained expertise in manufacturing hard-wear coatings, transparency or gloss finishes to suit product needs. They supplied everywhere they could – Medical Devices. Defense / Military, Consumer & Household appliances, Gaming Controllers, Industrial Automation, Access Control Systems, Measuring Equipment, Energy & Digital Meters, UPS Inverters & Stabilizers, CNC Machinery Control Panels, etc. 

For a few years, the boat was sailing efficiently but there was a time when the tide was destructive. After a rejection from big giants like ABB Company, he realized the need for introducing new machines and inventing a full-proof product with better product safety and customization maintaining high quality of standard. They took this rejection as a formidable learning experience! 

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Technological Advancement    

From a rental 150 sq. ft. space to a privately owned 5000 sq. ft. of industrial space, Rangvishwa Enterprises grew bigger and better with 45 employees. Technology progresses and so does the humans. With technological advancements, old products had to be upgraded with the latest in trend. Crompton Greaves was one such company who wanted to venture out in Membrane Switches which meant discontinuing work with Rangvishwa as it didn’t manufacture or sell membrane switches. This meant losing their most potential client. This was an eye-opener for them which made them venture out in Membrane Switches, considering it to be one of the latest in technology. From labels to Graphic Overlays to Membrane Keypads to now Membrane Switches, every step was a step towards bettering themselves in creating modern technology. 

Membrane switch technology made it possible for companies to develop more convenient gadgets. Washing Machines, Microwaves, Television and various other devices work on the same technology. Membrane switches are primarily used with microprocessor-based control systems found in communication, medical, instrumentation and appliance products. Creating touch-sensitive devices like membrane switch meant perfecting in processes like printing, cutting and laminating of precision thin-film plastic materials. They didn’t want to outsource the complicated work of switch assembly because the investment was more than expected and materials used were cheaper than their investment. From understanding the keypad technology in it to collecting materials to making the circuit, everything they learnt and created in-house. They also created a wide variety of Membrane Switches with this basic technology. From the preliminary design consultations to the finished product, their clients can depend on them for a pioneering approach and comprehensive service. 

Learning about latest technology and offering them to their most trusted clients only meant progressing for them. For Rangvishwa Enterprises, it’s about touching the future by fulfilling client needs. With this in mind, they gained the loyalty of their clients and created a trust-factor between them. They are a single source supplier for many clients and have a PAN-India supply of their products, eventually acquiring the Indian market. 

Footprints in the Global Market   

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Entering the global market meant creating packaging and product quality of International Standards. Rangvishwa Enterprises went global with their local product portfolio after delivering the best-fit solution to a limitless range of technical needs and ensuring the best quality control and outstanding customer service at each stage of the process with the help of skilled technical team and latest equipment. They now had a 12 year industry experience, value-added services and a wide product portfolio to offer to their International clients. They participated in International exhibitions and learnt about the way the product is conducted in global market. With the right guidance and support of their diligent marketing team, they endorsed the product in International market. They now export their product to Fortune 500 companies like Crompton Greaves, L&T, Legrand, etc. Ragvishwa Enterprises now lay its footprints in countries like US, Canada, Spain and Portugal. Challenging established multinationals needs extreme courage and to win in the long run needs marketing foresight which was gradually achieved by Mr Joshi. He is one-of-a-kind entrepreneurs who built its empire on gut feeling and practical experience rather than following the classical patterns taught in business schools. They steadily stepped up to success and reached great heights!    

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