A Rapid Growth in Wholesale Agricultural Crops Online is Transforming the Future of Farmers -

A Rapid Growth in Wholesale Agricultural Crops Online is Transforming the Future of Farmers

It’s a worldwide accepted fact that India has the largest agricultural market which makes it even more evident that this market should be catered to and monitored in a more transparent manner. With COVID-19 at its worse, every small or big business is marketing their product online which is giving them potential leads. The agricultural market should also be given a boost online, be It a wholesale or a retail sector. These online portals have adopted a multichannel strategy to reach out to growers across India and address their agricultural input needs.

Building a Trustworthy Online Community of Farmers

According to a recent study, over 2.5 billion people are on social media, making it the busiest platform in the world. Social Media Marketing can play a key role in building a farming business. Online platforms drive efficiencies of farmers in the areas of distribution, marketing, and operations with data-driven business intelligence. This data strategy enables various stakeholders to come together and build an end-to-end ecosystem for the farming community and drive sustainable agriculture. There is complete transparency in profits earned because the farmers deal directly with the customers. The trust factor remains intact!

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Organic Farming Contract

One of the privileges why the online presence of farmers is important is because they can make their own brand and make it known in many unknown regions through farming contracts. Organic contract farming is been provided for Institutions, Citizen Associations & also small groups of citizens at very reasonable rates. Companies can directly monitor organic farming & ask farmers to work as per their instructions to provide 100% organic produce & satisfaction to the customers as per their expectations.

10 reasons why the agricultural sector should prefer going online

1)     Farmers can reach out to a wider audience anywhere and at any time with an online presence.

2)     Market and connect directly to the customers to sell at a price feasible to them.

3)     Get rid of the middlemen who take a small percentage of their profit.

4)     Sell locally at a price with a good margin and maximize the profits. 

5)     Give farm-fresh produce directly to customers without any delays.

6)     Maintain good customer service by offering exceptional services.

7)     Gain the loyalty of 100s of customers by offering a first-rate quality of products and services.

8)     Get extra sales with bulk orders.

9)     Farmers have to put in the less physical effort to sell where one ad line can be sold to 100s of customers.

10)  Create marketing ads that change the psychology of customers towards the products sold.  

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Categories of Wholesale products to sell online

–         Vegetables

–         Fruits

–         Spices

–         Flowers

–         Coffee & Tea

–         Poultry Products

–         Fishery

–         Cotton

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