No Touch Advanced Products to Maintain Safety in Covid Pandemic

Covid-19, unlike other viruses, affected not just a particular area but the whole world. It’s not just a virus; it’s a fear in human mind that won’t fade away soon. This fear has led the human race to take more and more precautions from getting infected by the virus. In the battle to keep oneself safe and end this virus from spreading, health officials worldwide have been discovering high quality and reliable products. WeGo Shopping believes in these discoveries and have been successfully selling the products on its e-commerce platforms.  

  1. No Contact Advanced IR Thermal Temperature Scanner
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Lots of illnesses can cause fever — many that are mild and others that are severe, and checking fever at the entry makes sense now. These no-touch thermometers seems to have emerged as the most popular for Covid-19 screenings because it’s fast, easy to use, non-invasive, accurate, budget-friendly, and minimizes the chance of spreading illness. The thermometer tells how hot a person is by measuring the infrared energy coming off the body. Human skin is a very good or very efficient emitter of infrared energy and it captures that energy coming off the body. The device is calibrated to translate that energy reading into the temperature of an object. That’s part of what differentiates a human no-touch thermometer from a regular one. 

If the goal is to pick up symptoms in some people before they even realize they’re sick, no-touch thermometers are the best bet. Place that it can be used are transportation center, corporate or government offices, schools, community halls, etc. This no touch advanced product has the following features: 

  • Unmanned operation – No human touch hence reduced possibility of infection
  • High quality components MADE IN INDIA product used for better performance 
  • ONE year replacement guarantee
  • Measures body temperature from 3 meters safety distance
  • MLX infra red scanner (reliable than Chinese guns)
  • 0n-site plug and play & easy installation 
  • Notification alarm on mobile app
  • Response time – 500 m sec
  • Accuracy +- 0.3 degrees
  • Angle of detection – 108 degrees

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  1. No Finger Connect Hands-free Door Handles 
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The riskiest objects in this pandemic situation are the door handles in places like hospitals, offices, houses or even factories. Cover your hands with gloves or keep them bare, germs will come in contact with your body however. Use these hands-free door for lifts or doors and stay virus-free. This high-quality no touch advanced products called door handles are designed keeping in mind a no-touch policy for highest safety. It has the following features: 

  • Fits well in fingers
  • Avoids germs from touching the hands & hence prevents cross contamination
  • Easy to use 
  • Unbreakable
  • Made from good quality of materials 

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  1. Hands-free Liquid Dispenser Stand
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Liquid dispenser stand can keep you hand-free while using it. It is an ideal hands free product that helps you maintain highest level of hygiene. Use it for business lobbies, restaurants, schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, etc. Let your feet do all the working with this fantastic Covid-19 safety product. This no touch advanced product has the following features: 

  • Hand Touch Free & foot touch operated 
  • Long Lasting  
  • Smooth Operation
  • Good Quality
  • No touch on bottle
  • Easy to Use

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