Lepu’s forehead thermometer

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Lepu’s forehead thermometer better than anyone else. Highlights of our products:

1. Imported sensor (German Hyman), with higher accuracy and smaller deviation range

2. Pure copper condenser cup, which can collect more energy and keep the measurement more stable

3. Auto focus (blue focus) at proper distance which makes it more accurate

4. With clinical basis, suitable for environments above 10 degrees, most domestic manufacturers /competitors can only work above 20 degrees, we can work stably at 10 ℃

5. Rapid measurement, and the result can be generated in one second. mostly takes 3 to 4 seconds for other brands.

6. Very nice design and appearance

7. Can measure human body temperature and object temperature (water, cup, etc.)

1000 to 2000 = 55$ usd

2000 to 5000 = 53$ USD

5000 to 10000 =52$ USD

above 10k< = 50$ USD

Lepu's forehead thermometer
Lepu’s forehead thermometer


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