Why Prefer Online Shopping of Farm Fresh Vegetables and Fruits?

Food is a survival entity for all; be it the worse of state economy or situations like COVID. Online portals have changed the way the agricultural industry works. With the COVID situation worsening, every business is flourishing online. If digitization is exceeding limits then why not make use of it to make life simpler and happier?!  Online shopping of veggies and fruits is the most convenient way to lead a hectic professional life and that too in bustling city life. With a wide customer base, increasing internet connectivity, and the growing popularity of online shopping, a lot of farming communities are opening e-stores for grocery shopping which is now booming in every city of the world. Besides this, by shopping online, you are not only saving your time and effort but you are also helping farmers to progress in a big way! 

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Why choose an online platform for buying farm-fresh produce?

1)     Fresh produce available

Getting freshly plucked farm produce at your doorstep is a privilege many online portals are now offering. All you have to do is cherry-pick your favorite eatables and it gets delivered to you the same day. Since it is so freshly plucked, this eatable can stay fresh for a week.

2)     Eat organic and sustainable food

Some agricultural foods can be grown organically under government certification. More of organic and pesticide-free food intake is now officially in the market and on these online platforms.  

3)     Bring home the variety

Seasonal and off-seasonal vegetables and fruits are also made available now. The variety is huge and customers now have choices for their menu. Farmers nowadays also prefer growing exotic vegetables, through which they can offer the variety to their customers and gain their loyalty.

4)     Get connected to the farmer’s community

A lot of online portals are publishing stories of their farmers and letting the buyers offer help to them by connecting them together through events, farm tours, or even social media engagement. This way you can offer any kind of help to farmers.

5)     Avoid complicated processes

It’s just a one-click process to buy fruits or vegetables. There are no complicated contracts to be signed or any commitment to be given.

6)     Pre-book as per your calendar

Delivery can be done at any time of the day or any day. Just mention the day, time, and address for the delivery process to be completed. Pre-book your exotic vegetables for a dinner party by avoiding long queues of traffic on road and in grocery stores!

7)     Flexibility of growth

Farmers are now offering flexibility to grow fruits or veggies of your choice. Partner and grow with local farmers and also monitor their growth. Leave the expertise to the farmers to grow hand-crafted produce to your door.  

8)     Best of convenience   

It’s luxury when you have the door-step delivery at your convenience. Going to the grocery store can now be eliminated from your busy schedule. With just a one-minute investment of time, you can order farm-fresh produce as per your choice. The struggle is less and happiness is more!  

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Some of the e-stores from where one can buy farm-fresh food are:

WeGo Shopping, AaramShop.com, EkStop.com, BigBasket.com, AtMyDoorSteps.com, MyGrahak.com, ZopNow.com, Omart.in, LocalBanya.com, RationHut.com, and SeaToHome.com

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