Commercializing Technologies and Products for Agro-Industry Startups

New discoveries in Agro-industry always evolved as generations passed by. These new discoveries always needed resources and investment to commercialize them. Investment for Startups might be a hindrance but not a permanent one. The introduction of new rules by the Government has eliminated this hindrance too and made the life of a new farmer hassle-free and happy. Agro-industry is a major in India as it directly or indirectly supports more than 40% of the country’s labor force but it contributes less than a fifth of India’s GDP. In other words, it has very poor operational efficiency. So this industry is given a major boost by the Indian Government. Next-gen is going all out to commercialize it with strategies to market, for instance, home-grown or organic farming has been promoted recently. Many Indian farmers are also into regenerative farming but it is not yet commercialized in India because it is still an evolving and experiential concept being adopted by the new generation of farmers. Farming animals are an asset to any farmer. They should be bred rightfully and respectfully to reap benefits. Commercialization on how to properly bred farming animals should be a major point of focus which also like an awareness regime for many new farmers.

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Innovations in farming based on equipment or farming practices have been adopted only for quality crop growth. Startups have 2 options when it comes to commercializing innovation – either to compete with the established farmer companies by selling their innovations or sell their innovative ideas with the established ones and agree to be acquired outright. Many new farmers prefer the former option and hoping for a breakthrough in the agro market. Read on to know about a farmer’s commercialization strategy to fulfill urban demands:

1.      Advancement in Farming Technology

·        Terra Sentia is an autonomous robot that contains a variety of sensors to collect data for plants’ health, physiology, and stress response. EarthSense uses machine vision and machine learning to seamlessly convert field data to specific, actionable information about plant-traits.

·        Machine learning system that integrates microbiome information and AgData. This machine uses DNA Sequencing technologies and proprietary Intelligent Computing systems to explain, in detail, the impact of microorganisms in soil and how they affect different crops. This machine also provides actionable recommendations that allow customers to improve their agricultural production and quality.

·        Automated indoor gardening system allowing anyone to grow greens and herbs with the touch of a button. By using Verdical, restaurants can eliminate their supply chain and connect consumers directly to their ingredients for an enhanced experience. Verdical transforms indoor areas into artistic, life-sustaining spaces and enables urban areas to grow their own local food.

·        Digital and fully unmanned drone crop-sprayer that delivers on-demand fertilizers and pesticides right to farmers’ fields. This solution requires less fuel, less maintenance, and less staff compared to current alternative methods, cutting down costs significantly for farmers. This drone can process up to 1200 acres per day while meeting the EPA application safety requirements. 

·        Motorleaf uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide precise and automated harvest yield forecasts for hydroponic, commercial greenhouses. This tool equips growers with software tools to gain better capacities to monitor, control, and predict the future yields of their harvests. 

·        Automated pest monitoring and forecasting platform that enables reliable collection of pest monitoring data. It provides near real-time indications of pest occurrences, allowing growers to successfully respond to situations in the field.

·        Farm management software that simplifies record keeping, assists with audit and accreditation needs, and increases the productivity of farms. Features include full record keeping, farm mapping, operational planner, inventory management, task management, individual animal management, biosecurity plans, and more.

·        Wastewater treatment solutions with a patented filtration system that harnesses the digestive power of worms and microbes to remove up to 99% of contaminants from wastewater. BioFiltro’s goal is to convert the waste streams into regenerative revenue streams.

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