Covid-19 Precautions Taken By E-commerce Platforms While Packing Goods

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There was a huge crouch down in the sales graph of e-commerce businesses. While the whole was suffered, e-commerce businesses were hit too. E-commerce platforms had to implement much additional health, safety, and cleaning precautions throughout its facilities in order to ensure the safety of our employees, their families, and the products we are packaging. To gain the trust of customers to shop online, they had to go vocal about these precautions.

1)      Employee Hygiene

Mandatory procedures should be followed by all companies for their employees. Basic hygiene should begin with the self that helps in maintaining hygiene while packaging like:

–         Washing of hands for a minimum of 20 seconds before going to/returning to the packaging lines should be made compulsory.

–         Wearing gloves and PPE kit at all times should be applicable while handling packages.

–         Wearing a surgical face mask or N95 face masks as appropriate – both should be made available to all employees working on the production floor.

–         No-touch door opener should be given to every employee to avoid touching buttons, lifts, or doors.  

– Non-contact IR thermal temperature scanner should be implemented at the entrance of every company where the employee has to just stand in front of the screen and temperature recording is automatically displayed on the scanner screen.

–         Maintaining a 6′ distance between each associate or a divider between associates should be mandatory.

–         Temperature monitoring should be implemented prior to entry of employees.

–         Any employee who is not feeling well should be cautioned not to report to work.

–         Any employee who has been absent should be monitored and cleared through HR prior to returning to work. To minimize the number of people at each facility, employees should work remotely wherever possible and visitor restrictions should be in place.

–         Employee flow in and out of the facility should be been re-routed to further minimize cross-shift exposure to infected employees.

2)     Cleaning Facility

–         Additional cleaning staff should be been hired to continuously clean in cafeterias, hallways, and locker rooms throughout the day to help ensure a safe working environment. 

–         All the rooms should be wiped down 3 times per day.

–         Cleaning agents effective against the Covid-19 virus should be used while cleaning the surfaces where the packages are kept.

–         Safety agents like Dettol should be dissolved in water while sweeping floor or cleaning surfaces.

–         Touchless hand sanitizer facility should be used at the entrances of every room.

–         Surface disinfecting automatic fogging machines should be used at regular intervals to disinfect the rooms. These machines help in killing the coronavirus droplets floating in the air. 

3)     Materials of Packaging

The best alternative to avoid virus transmission through the product is to go for multi-layer packaging. Following multi-layer packaging ideas can be implemented.

–         Make use of poly bags to cover soft or fragile items like clothes. These bags are durable, water-resistant, and unlikely to tear while keeping the product safe from the virus deposition.

–         Since the virus stays on plastic for almost 3 days, the best practice to adopt is to keep the packed products in plastic under direct sunlight to kill the germs.

–         For urgent deliveries, spray the packaged boxes with alcohol-based cleansers to disinfect the surfaces.

–         The germ survives for 3 days on plastic bags and only one day on cardboard boxes. So make use of double-walled cardboard boxes for packaging.

–         Instructions to be printed on each packaged product on discarding the packaging material as soon as it is received.

–         Using paper cushioning instead of plastic cushioning is advisable because the virus survives less on paper than on plastic.

–         Since thermocol is known to be a hygienic material where less virus deposition takes place, its usage in product packaging is recommended.   

–         Use thermocol boxes for breakable items to protect valuable products during shipping, to maintain a required temperature or humidity level, or simply to ensure that products are kept in their original condition. 

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