Siddhi Equipments promises to keep aviation & airport safe

Siddhi Equipments promises to keep avaition & airport safe

The huge growth in air travel has made every Airport a potential terrorist target and it is now a prime area where intense security is an absolute requirement. The Aviation industry is therefore no longer considered a safe, non-political global transportation system moving goods and people safely from one place to another but rather a potential liability that exposes all nations to the threat of terrorist attack. This is where security systems are applicable. Airports and the Aviation industry now require specialized security solutions to meet elevated threat levels to assist in the identification of suspicious activity among st passengers and staff in and surrounding Airports.

Hand Held Metal Detectors are used by Security officers to carry out a non-invasive search of a person for metallic items like guns, etc. When a metallic item is detected, an indication is normally given by a sounder but most detectors also operate in a silent vibrating mode. Various types of Hand Held Metal Detectors are available to meet different types of threats with varying levels detection sensitivities. Metal Detectors are also used to locate metallic items in the ground, within food and any waste.

Siddhi Equipments Pvt. Ltd. are a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality of hand held metal detectors. Owing to our ethical business policies, crystal clear dealing, client centrist approach, reasonable rates, good logistic facility and swift delivery, we have been able to set benchmark in this sector. 

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SIDDHI EQUIPMENTS, are committed to achieve total Customer Satisfaction by providing world class products with the latest technology & the best quality.

We have an in-house innovative and enthusiastic R&D team, which is very eager to launch many more new innovative products in the coming years. The trained workforce at every assembly stage is well aware to do the things first time right. The quality assurance system ensures the product quality at all intermediate stages.

With the kind of reliability that we build into our products right from the development stage, a field failure is a rare occurrence. But should the need arise, we have a prompt and effective after-sales service supported by a team of trained efficient engineers, at our end, as well as with our dealers. The minimum downtime is achieved by plug-in card assembly system and readily available standardized spares.

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