How important are metal detectors in food industry

We always make a conscious effort to eat clean and healthy food, be it at home or a hotel. One of the technologies which we adopted in the food production lines to keep our food free from contamination is metal detectors. Metal detectors in the food manufacturing industry are used to detect and eliminate threats of tramp metal contaminants in food goods. The detection of these minute particles can make or break a food business, and save established manufacturers from losing product and brand quality to metal contaminant recalls.

Over the years, metal detection technology has emerged as the most feasible substitute to conventional X-ray inspection methods. They are low-cost, more efficient and more productive than any other detection systems. 

Metal Detectors to keep food safe

Today, the food industry produces goods with the utmost efficiency and hygiene. They create quality products to protect brand value and consumer appeal. The metal detectors used in contemporary food production are an economical alternative to keep food inspected and have a lower cost of ownership. The detection technology also meets HACCP and ISO requirements.

This ability to detect imperfections and unsuitable products before they reach the consumer is a strong advantage to have in any food business, aiding to prevent any brand-ruining recalls or legal actions that may come from manufacturing unsafe products.

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