History of Membrane switches

History of Membrane switches

“Soon after membrane keyboards and switches were invented 30 years ago, they were ridiculed as a low-cost but unreliable method of inputting data. After decades of improvements, often unnoticed by consumers, membrane switches are now established as effective input and keyboarding hardware for many different technical applications. Today, thanks to their unquestionable advantages, these switches have become high-tech subsystems indispensable to many industries.” Source machinedesign.com

The first real membrane switches came to market in the early 1980s, and the membrane was polycarbonate. However, they were dismissed because the material was brittle, leading to cracks around the keys. They were based on resistive technology and responded to pressure. The switches consist of two conductive layers separated by a spacer. When pressed, the spacer compresses and voltage flows between the two layers.

Product developers should know that input devices have many design options that can make their products stand out. These include illuminated keypads and buttons, built-in touchscreens, raised (domed) keys, capacitive touch, and optically bonding the touchscreen to the front glass or display.

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Membrane Keypad is custom designed and manufactured to meet the exact technical and needs for each customer. For any related application, we can offer the perfect solution by giving the clients total freedom in design. We make complex, mid-to-low integrated human-machine interfaces with unique functions, graphics and performance need. Considered as the part of user-interface, it serves the main purpose of interaction between the operator and the machine enabling the operator to communicate with the machine. It is a simple electrical device used to direct the flow of low voltage, low current electricity through an electrical circuit. The low current levels required by Membrane Switches make them useful in integrated circuit applications. From low-cost prototypes to full production quantities Rangvishwa offers a reliable product at competitive prices, with industry-leading customer service.

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