Graphic Overlays – For an Attractive Appeal to a Product

Membrane Switches

Appearance is fairly self-explanatory – everybody is attracted to a product that looks eye appealing externally. Product like people has the same physiological effect on the end user if it is visually appealing. Graphic overlays play an important role in making a product visually appealing with its quirky colors and material used. It adds value to the brand and puts a powerful impression of the company name. We manufacture custom Graphic Overlays, Keypad Overlays, Control Panel Overlays and Membrane Keypads overlays using an advanced process of screen printing & digital printing. 

These overlays are an intuitive part of an electronic interface that connects the user to the machine, device, or equipment. It is also a part of the membrane switch which is visible to the user to conduct operations on the equipment smoothly. We create well-designed overlays that help a brand stand out, providing unsurpassed user experience. 

Why consider Rangvishwa for Graphic Overlays? 

  • We make your product visually appealing with precision and vibrant colours
  • We custom-built your product as per your specifications
  • We create your product in virtually any size or shape
  • We strictly adhere to Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) to ensure the highest quality product produced
  • We manufacture overlays that provide years of superior service and exceptional durability 
  • We give excellent product finishing with hard-wear coatings, transparency or gloss finishes to suit your product needs 
  • We offer high-quality printing to keep it safe and long-lasting externally
  • We offer varied options for the windows, cuts, keys and lots more to add to the uniqueness of the product

We create well-designed overlays that help a brand standout, providing an unsurpassed user experience. The overlays that we design not only explains the operation of the equipment but also fulfils aesthetic requirements, and more importantly, environmental and physical end-use application requirements. We believe in customer satisfaction and make sure that every product that we create satisfy minds, fulfil expectations and meet the requirements. 

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